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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cephus, Jan 13, 2012.

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    No I was feeling sorry for him because ever half wit will be out just see if they drive in it ,and somebody has to keep them from freezing to death !! I did it for 3 years until I found easier way to make a living !!! LOL(y)
  5. Alpha Dog

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    Hey Cephus it started this morning with some black ice, it amazes me how many people adult people watch these 4wheel drive adds on tv and believe them. Most could be prevented if some would just slow down but they think 70mph meens 70mph and with a 4wheel drive no worries. Just shows a little planning, a little extra supplies and a little bit of brain would solve a world of problems on these type of days.
  6. Cephus

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    Yeah I know them people,they think ya can go as fast as want but what they don't think about is how do I stop this on ICE!!! LOL

    The bad part is they sometimes take others with them on their stupid ride !!
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    I can relate... I grew up in the Rockies... plenty of days I'd be driving 25 MPH and be the fastest thing on the highway... of course I use to drive some pretty crazy looking trucks back then...
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    Not much snow on I-80,between Reno,and and the Wy.line.Some peppering,but I've seen as much in the summer months before.
    Those locals I've talked to say it's the dryest snow year since the 1800's.
    It should be ass deep here in Wyoming by now,but I can see more grasses than snow right now.Cold as Hell though.
  9. GrandpaDave

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    Those trucks I used to drive were out of the Rock Springs yard... up your way... Lord I do miss fishing along the Green River... Gods country ya know
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    I do NOT miss Rock Springs at all. Had something like 17 months living in a company trailer while building the Bridger plant east of town. The Flaming Gorge sure is a pretty place, and one could hide in the High Uinta for a LONG time.
  11. Alpha Dog

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    Happy to report the most part of the snow jumped us we got around 2 inches and only a few MVA's from black ice. We will pay for it the next one
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    I tell them all car have 4 wheel stop. If 2 wheel drive wont stop on ice neither will 4wd.
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    Kind of a cool FYI about I-80 and that part of the country...
    Did ya know... I-80 follows the old "Pony Express" route... my oldest boy and I found the trail and rode dirt bikes along that trail from west to east across the state... mostly it stays just south of the highway... every fifteen miles there's another Express station... in some places there's nothing to see... but in other places the original building is still there...
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  14. ghrit

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    Yep, knew that. We stopped off at one of those stations while doing a bit of fossil hunting south of the rails east of RS. So long ago, and didn't have a camera along.
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    People here in Al sure can't drive in the snow and when it rains they drive like they trying to get home before their car gets wet.
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