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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by theojysofliving, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. ok so i am 19 living with my girlfriend have no family no friends i am 5'10 135 pounds fully clothed i have no outdoor experience and never been camping only hiking a few times. and am very good at it and enjoy it over thhe past few years i have been trying to find my way to no avail i discovered the idea of living in the wilderness and immediately knew that was what i was going to do so for the last 2 years i have been researching and buying supplies and i have it narrowed down to stanisalaus national forest or mendocino. what do you guys think would be a better choice to live in for your live i would eventually hike north no matter which one i choose. I'm not looking for people to tell me I'm stupid or not to do it rather advice on where the best exact place to start my spiritual journey (also i am going on a mission to find bigfoot) preferably a place relatively high in elevation with adequate water and small game for hunting and it would help if there were an abundance of edible flowers or fruits berries. thanks!

    anything would help guys...
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  2. Gopherman

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    Alaska is really the Ideal place to do this a far as having far more Liberal Hunting and Fishing reg.s' go, the climate is very harsh though!
    Just remember a lot of people get killed trying this!
    Bears and Mountain Lions are a very real threat if they see you first, not to mention this is probably, a highly illegal thing to do as far as Timber Laws, Fish and Game Seasonal restrictions, Federal Trespassing...
    The higher you go,as well as the farther North, the colder it gets! There is a National Forest that runs almost all the way to Alaska, you could conceivably go unseen the entire way.
    Get good at preserving meat, drying smoking....
    Get a Mule ( Male and Female would be better) to carry supplies and you'll be better off, the more stuff you can take out the gate the better of you'll be. You can find a lot for free on Craigslist.
    Take lots of fast turn around Crop Seeds, Turnips, Kale, Chard, Collards... these types of veg. grow well throughout mild winters as well, sharpening stones, a roll of 6 mil. plastic will come in handy, a lifetime Fishing and Hunting permit, if offered in that state, lots of fish hooks and line for Trot Lines.
    This list could go on and on, but, others have done it, the Horse or Mule will help immensely!
    Good Luck!
  3. NotSoSneaky

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    Baby steps first. Book learning (research) is one thing, building a fire without matches in the driving rain or snow so you don't freeze to death is quite another.

    Get some gardening, hunting, foraging, shelter building, shooting, fishing, experience and some proper equipment before setting forth otherwise we'll be reading about a young couple who died of exposure and starvation.
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  4. Motomom34

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    I do not think living in a National forest is legal. Granted they may not find you and if you move around they won't know how long you have been there but it is not legal. I know that is a debate re: National forest, owned by the people yet rules by the TPTB have rules and regulations for that land.

    Book learning is fine but weekend trips, keep going & keep learning. I met some guy that just goes. Only has a knife and he has taught himself how to survive. He still is working on winter skills but he keeps going out there. Also, when he takes off, he leaves a note giving general directions to where he is headed. The books give you lists of what you need in your pack, yet as you use that pack you will learn some items you don't need.

    BTW- good luck in finding Bigfoot, let us know if you find him. I believe.
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  5. Yard Dart

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    Learn the basic skills of survival before you launch into the wild..... if you do not know how to make shelter, procure safe water, trap/hunt/forage for food, start a fire and so many other task.... you will not make it out there and will be another casualty of mother nature... or a bear looking for a tasty snack.

    It is imperative for you and your partner to Learn & Practice those necessary skills in advance of moving into the woods. Make your hiking adventures into training lessons!!
    Good luck and welcome to the Monkey!

    I shot Bigfoot years ago.. he was stealing brews from the cooler. ;)
  6. ghrit

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    First, welcome aboard, hang on for the ride.
    Second, beware of the dreams of youth that spring from ignorance. (Not stupidity, but ignorance.) Start reading this site (in the back to basics forum) and see what you might learn there. You are about to bite off more than you can chew if you just take off into the wild with zero experience and knowledge.
    Third, we hope you are alert enough to learn some hard lessons from those that have been there rather than by experiencing them yourself.
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  7. Tully Mars

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  8. Motomom34

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  9. DKR

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    Please. Don't come to Alaska. We can't afford any more end-of-the-road types here.

    Montana, now that's the place to go....
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  10. BTPost

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    Ok, Your are 19... and can walk... and have a Friend, who is a girl.... Does she share you Plan, or are you going it alone? This makes a BIG Difference, in how you need to prepare for the experience. Living in a National Forest, is NOT as easy as it sounds. First, Understand, the USFS requires that you MOVE your camp every 14 Days. This is a HARD Regulation, and Enforced. So plan on being MOBILE, and carrying Everything on your BACK, that you OWN. Food, Shelter, Clothes, Weapons, Ammunition, Fishing Pole, Water, Meds, EVERYTHING... 60 Pounds is about the limit of what one can carry, in practice. What are you going to carry as a Weapon? When I was 21, I lived in the North Cascades, (Before they made it a National Park) for two years, with a Partner. (Male) Two college Graduates, that needed to DeCompress, after years of Mass Indoctrination. I carried a Winchester 94 SaddleRing Carbine, in 30-30. (Still have that Weapon, in the gun Locker) Reason for that choice, was very SIMPLE. 30-30 Winchester is the MOST COMMON Centerfire Ammunition, and carried in every small Backwoods Store, in existence. (Resupply is a VERY BIG DEAL) This weapon is small enough, that there will still be something left to cook, if used on small Game, and Large Enough, to take ANY Large Game, except a Grizzly, that lives in the North Cascades. Mountain fishing supplies a lot of easily gotten protein, with little added Weight to your Pack, if you have Lakes and Streams in you neck of the woods. What about a Good Knife? It needs to be Big enough to Chop Firewood, (takes the place of an Axe, or or Hatchet) and light enough to not overburden you with Weight. I had my 10" Kukuri. (A Real One, from Nepal) his tool has most of it's weight in the Blade, so It is a Good chopper, and came with two small Skinning Blades, for small Game, and Fish cleaning, in the same scabbard and carried on my Belt. I carried two flints, and two Magnesium Rods for FireStarting, as well as two Bic Lighters. (they were New Fangled Lighters, back in that day) I carried 20# of Rice, as my Staple Food source, as well as 5# Dried Soup Mixes. Two sets of Clothes, in the pack, with the other Seasons, two sets of clothes, Stashed in a Cashe, along with other backup, and Emergency Supplies. We would move between Cashes, as required, to follow Game, and weather. There was a GIANT Learning Curve, for both of us, during the first Winter Season. We did make it, but it wasn't easy, even though we both had camped, hiked, extensively, with our families, while young. We both had Mountaineering Experience during College, and had made Major Assents in the Cascades and Rockies, before we left civilization. I suggest that you read the diary of that Whacko Kid, that walked out into the Alaskan Bush, and subsequently DIED, of Bush Ignorance. ("Into the Wild" or something like that) It is a good Treatise on How NOT, to Do this..... If you get it wrong, you will DIE, or Quit, after a few months. If you make it thru one year, Good On You, and come back, and write a Book, and get rich off the Royalties, and residuals, from the Movie Rights....

    Ahw, come on @DKR Let him try, and Southeastern would be ideal for the Kid.... Just make sure you have an Open Return Airplane Ticket, HOME, when you fail....
  11. Dunerunner

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    At least you are smart enough to join this forum and get yourself educated. As has been said, if you are not prepared and have not done some foul weather camping without packing in your food and supplies, living off the land sounds very romantic, but it is hard work and having knowledge of edibles in the area you intend to "Live" is essential. Your hunter/gatherer skills need to be top notch, along with your bush skills...(skinning, tanning, shelter construction, soap and candle making, etc.). You should know how to set a snare, know where small game moves and be able to locate and harvest without decimating the existing populations. You should have excellent knowledge of food preservation techniques without refrigeration.

    Welcome to the Monkey @theojysofliving
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  12. KAS

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    shoot for the moon if u fall short atleast you will be amongst the stars....
    go big or go home

    or sit at home and do nothing and spend the rest of your life wonder what it would have been like !!!
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  13. oldawg

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    What KAS said. NOT trying is a fail in itself. Spend some time gathering wisdom here in the tree and put it to practice to develop skills and then get at it. And welcome to the tree.
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  14. WOW! thank you all so much for replying and taking your time to help me.

    my girlfriend is not coming with. i have made up my mind that this is what i want to do. and no you won't find me guaranteed either dead or begging for help on the side of the road. you might find me dead from starvation and a animal happened upon my already dead body though. and menodino forest has a 21 day instead of 14 :). i read into the wild and watched the book and watched a 20/20 episode with his family and the people that actually helped him make his journey. i believe the world will end horribly soon and this is what i am doing i am doing it very soon and i am either going to mendocino national forest or stanislaus and i haven't been able to get a answer from anybody on 3 different sites on which place is better to go in terms of small game edible plants low population steams creeks high elevation ( i want to be high up but not too far from low ground) and for overall living for a few months. (my overall plan is to start out in a single place gather knowledge and get to know the place then travel north ) here is what I'm taking with me

    1 65 liter hiking internal frame backpack
    4 pounds of rice 2 pounds of chia seeds
    a few (10-15) non -gmo freeze dried foods (soups mostly) epic meat bars, strong kind organic fruit nut bars. organic peanut butter oatmeal some gorp gonna get a few more last minute things
    1 or 2 machetes 1 cheap morakinv 1 full tang small bowie knife (very sharp) one bigger half tang bowie knife 1 or 2 folders
    i have (but haven't exactly decided on which to take or 2 to take) save 64 (22lr) rossi 2 barrel youth rifle/shotgun
    (243.win and 20 gauge 23 or 24 inch for the rifle i think 26 or 28 for the 20) a rossi tufty 410. (got it because it breaks into 2 pieces small enough to fit in a schoolbag 3 pounds and a 4 round hidden compartment in the butt got it for super emergency/throwaway/giveaway if somebody is fighting with me) a maverick 88 12 gauge (20 inch) and a escort hatsan aimgaurd 12 gauge (18 inch). also a gamo hornet which i will not be taking with me no matter what. i have beeswax for easy fire starting cotton balls wicks from candles few lighters 2 fire starters 8 flashlights (I'm taking them) 2 or 3 compases (can't be too sure) rain boots and either my slightly messed up hi tec hiking boots or my new 17 buck hiking sneakers. bringing 1 pair top and bottom long johns some cotton sweatpants for when its not raining or under my waterproof gear 4 or 5 pairs of socks a underwear 1 shorts and ill be wearing most of everything else. 4 emergency space blankets almost 300 feet of 550 paracord and about 50 feet of cheap cord i got for free 3 small stainless steel cooking pots (2 16 ounce) (one 12 ounce i think) and 1 small aluminum pot with a lid that i will only be using for extra water or food not for cooking because I'm a firm believer in the aluminum getting in your food when its heated. one tent that i might carry in my hand. knife sharpeners crank powered flashlight ( very lightweight) waterproof matches regular matches some of those thick coghlans fire starters that burn for like 15 minuted basically a huge long burning match sun glasses life straw maybe a sawyer water filter but i don't have one of those yet. 100 liter camel bak some working gloves and some cold weather gloves maybe my slingshot. 2 beanies 1 of those hats thats like a baseball cap that covers your ears. ear plugs and headphone hearing protection (double up!) some super glue lots of big zip locks some contractor think garbage bags (emergency shelter) maybe a tarp? (thought i don't really need one if i have the bags do i?) THATS PRETTY MUCH IT! any comments i would love to hear on what i might need or no need

    has you got it right
    I've been dreaming of this for over 2 years now the time is here i don't have time to practice or gather knowledge well i have been…FOR 2 YEARS and i have learned lots and lots. i am, being kicked out of the place I'm living and unlike the last time i have nowhere to go this time. I'm not trying to sound like i know everything or act like I've been through the worst stuff ever but i definitely didn't have the best life ( some background) grew up with my sister mom and dad dad was an abusive alcoholic mother was a sad boring woman who didn't even want us kids and would be very controlive and terroristic. she became homeless when i was in the 4th grade and stayed that way I'm pretty sure she's still homeless haven't talked to her in years neither my dad both of whom i hate including my sister who i will NEVER talk to all 3 of them for the remainder of my life and i have had no problems with it for the past few years. i was homeless with my mom for 2 years got arrested and on probation for a gun case that i beat. got tortured by demons or horribly bad spirits for a long time almost killed myself ran away some close friends of the people i was taying with le me stay there took me a year to mentally recover from the mind fuc&ink that went on at the other house. finally got a job the person said she would let me stack my money for a few months so i could move out…not so..she made me pay hella money so i COULDNT build up my money then i just got really really mad i was working for basically nothing and quit my job with the intent on jet running into the forest to die nothing else but i fell in love with my girlfriend she let me stay at her house where i am now she has helped me but its gotten old she blows up way to much and hurts me feelings hella bad (yeah I'm a sensitive little girl especially when people yell , blame my mother) she exploded a few days ago and Im just done i told her when i first got together with her that i would be doing this but it hurts me to leave and she's not in the most stable place in her life right now so i feel bad for leaving but this is what i have to do NOW. i wil be leaving very very soon and the mot urgent information i need is either to go to stanislaus or mendocino THANK YOU!!!
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  15. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    The pressure of the decision you've made, and the time frame you appear to be thinking of implementing is on you, not us. This site has the answers you need, but doing the research for you won't happen. Betwixt thee and me, you are charging headlong into a problem you will not be able to handle. One thing is, it'll keep you occupied such that whatever went on in the past won't have time to get in your way.

    So far as which forest to go into, flip a coin. If you don't already know what awaits in either one, you can't make a better choice than a half dollar.

    Have you loaded your ruck and weighed it?

    Sorry (but not very) if all this seems harsh. Reality bites.
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  16. not
    not harsh at all thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!! :) but come on really, flip a coin? i wanted to know which place was better an thats why i asked if anybody knew which was better somebody that has been to both. yea i loaded my stuff its 45 to a little bit over 50 pounds which is not hard at all for me to carry. i will be able to handle it just fine thank you :) look at that profile pic anybody who can do a french inhale half that cool would survive with a rusty paring knife and a bottle of sewer water (joking)
  17. and which of my guns do you gus think i should take the 20 410 12 243 or 22lr
  18. kellory

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    Either one. In your present state, (both in knowledge and in mental preparation) you will be dead before spring anyways. So just flip a coin.

    I will not blame your mother for who you are, I will not blame someone who charges you rent for a place to stay (welcome to real life. We all pay for what we get, either in sweat or cash). I will not blame the girlfriend who clearly cares for you. I blame you, and you alone for the choices you make in life. All of them, are your choices. Stand up and be a man about it, accept your own responsibility to stand on your own, and understand that life is what you make of it.
    You are simply trading a known set of factors for an unknown set. It sounds romantic and simple, but that is only because you haven't a clue yet, what you are you are doing.
    You have hiked, but never camped? That means day hikes or night hikes only, that means never being more than a few hours from showers, a bed and rescue if needed. (I noticed you listed lots of guns but not a two way radio) you are carring both too much and not enough.
    Do you hunt? Or just think you will learn as you go? I DO hunt, and I DO hunt with a slingshot. Can you hit soda cans at say thirty yards, from any position with a slingshot?
    You list a 100 liter camelback (I think that is a typo) because a hundred liter bag of water would weigh twice what you weigh, maybe more, and you will not be able to carry it, or even pick it up. You list enough food for a couple of days, and nothing more. You have no method besides bullets to gather food, so where do your bullets come from, and how many meals worth are you planning to carry? Weigh them, they add up rather quickly. No snares? Traps? Not even a fishing kit? You show two fire starters (you might need both on the same fire.) Do you have any clue how to find natural fire starters? Fatwood? Milkweed pods? Pine needles? Inner bark, SSP, pitch, the inside of a log is nearly always dry, and can be split down and shredded for tender? So what do you do when your prepared fire starters are gone?
    Will you need to recharge any gear? Phone, GPS, radio, UV water purifier? Perhaps a solar charger or a biolite stove( they can charge USB) a lightweight folding grill for cooking would be useful, a hammock to get you off the wet cold ground? How will you wash? Both you and your clothes? You have nothing for this.
    In short, young Sir, you have enough knowledge to get into trouble, and not enough to get out of trouble.
    Even if the bombs dropped next week, how would it effect your timing?( Not a bit. ) you could strike off into the wilderness at any time, but you stand a much better chance of survival if you learn all you can now. Your first and best survival tool is your mind. Properly used, and fully stocked, it can save you from folly, in most cases. (Not all) your mind is not near fully stocked yet. Your shelves are almost bare. So your choice of parks really doesn't matter much. You ain't even close to being ready.
    I would suggest, you stay and learn enough, so when you do cut and run, you have at least a chance of living through it.
    Your choice, even wolves need to eat.
  19. ok ill answer your questions from the top.

    i dont 'blame; my mother for everything just my sensitivity. this person told me she would not charge me that much so i could get my money stacked up sooner and be out sooner but then completely lied. how would you feel if somebody did that to you? when did i say i blamed my girlfriend for anything??. i know every choice is mine. and HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH BE A MAN i hate that sentence why does every boy 'have to be a man'? hahhahaha society has instilled this false sense of manlyhood and toughness on kids and it messes with their heads why can't boys play with dolls? why can't girls play in the mud and shoot guns and burp? we all are equal. I'm not getting into it because i would end up with a short novel but next question….ive slept on cold concrete more times than i can remember before i was 18 soft dirt can't bee that much worse I've gone a long LONG LONG LOGN time without taking a shower and didn't feel the slightest unfresh. i don't care about rescue I'm going into this with the intent on dying. hell no i suck at slingshot but got the basic jist of it down and am slightly accurate. no i haven't hunted before but am a crackshot and very patient and quiet oh crap i meant 100 ounces sorry. no other methods yep but if i bring my 22 and never miss i can get lots of food. I'm planning on hunting game and eating the game with the food i bring. forgot to list a fishing pole but i don't need one plenty of my friends catch big fish with branches and water bottles so i have confidence there bringing no phone no gps nothing battery peered besides flashlights and maybe a really neat novelty i found its an electronic mosquito repellent that runs for 800 hours on 1 aaa battery and has a 125 sq foot radius. pretty cool right? for $6.00. not bringing a stove just gonna make a circle of rocks and stark my fire there use a long low hanging brnch to suspend my pot over the fire or get a steel grill. and wow thanks for all the help . i told you i am getting kicked out of my again and have nowhere to go i worked a truly crappy job slaving my ass off 6 days a week for chump change and when i found out the guvrmt takes over 100 dollars from each paycheck there was no freakin way i was doing that for very long so here i am now.
  20. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Good luck guy....
    Life can be harsh, families dysfunctional, friends that are not really friends...but be mindful of your choices.... Living reckless may get you killed.
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