I'm going to live in the wilderness

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by theojysofliving, Dec 22, 2014.

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    He is lucky in this regard.... There are NO Brown Bears, in the wild, in Kommiefornia, so he only has to worry about Cougars, Yotes, Black Bears,
    Lynx, and BobCats.... Now if he came up here, he would have to deal with Coastal Brownies, Moose, Elk, and Wolves, as well, and they get REALLY Hungry, and Grumpy.....
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  5. lol yes it may see very very stupid but this ismy dream. gihrt: i haven no money i have already sold everything but come on its like people aren't even reading my posts i said somebody who HAS BEEN TO BOTH FORESTS SO IF ANYBODY COULD TELL ME WHICH ONE IS BETTER THAT THEY HAVE BEEN TO. AND KELLROY i said i
    man idd go ham on a single wolf there not that ferocious and a coyote? seriously? the only victims of coyote attacks are little kids cats and old people idd snap its neck like a freakin twig IM MAINY! but the cougs and bobcats area scary those cats MOVE FAST!!!! lol and thanks for all the pictures guys hah and i thought there were basically no black bear attacks and they scare easily? never the less idd never turn my back or not have one in the chamber pointed at it if i ever was to see one

    i read it already don't think you wasted ur time writing this i just wanted to know what people would take if they only had those knifes and machetes i almost bought a nice kuhkri like you were saying. i just realized my bowie knifes are big but no heavy then realized you need weight in order to properly hack some stuff but then i remembered i had my woodsman's pal and it hacks very very well but now am deciding weather i need my machete and pal one is made for slashing other hacking chopping. hmmmm i really might take both the gavilan is very lightweight. thank you guys for responding to me and trying to help :)

    and I've read stories of people on these forums I've talked to who say they've done what i want to do for over 20 years and some of em say they never seen a bear even once
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    Yet indicate that you have a selection of guns and knives, and evidently a ruck with some other stuff of debatable value. OR, if that is not true, how to get the money to buy the final selection to take with you? An epic failure is a'brewin', methinks.

    Go north, young man, and work for a bit so you have even more to sell when you finally head into the Bridger. Or are you simply trolling to see how irritating you can be?
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  8. no I'm not trolling but i do seem like a troll i will admit.

    I'm sorry I'm intoxicated some times when i come on here and I'm sorry that I'm from the hood
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    Reading and watching the McCandless story is one thing, but comprehending and understanding what went wrong and why it went wrong is another. McCandless died, not because of starvation / malnutrition and hypothermia, though that's probably what appears on his death certificate, he died because of a mindset that enabled him to make poorly thought out decisions and choices that placed him in the position of not being able to extricate himself from a situation that would, in all probability ,result in his death by starvation and exposure.

    The difficulty of doing it solo in the wilderness is that you really don't have anyone to say to you..."FFS that's a dumb thing to do by....(insert relevant risky action / decision here)...""... Is there a better option? is there a less risky way?...can I reduce the hazard of (insert hazard here) by doing it differently?" If your judgement is impaired by fatigue, stress, hunger, discomfort, isolation, injury or ill health and your decision making is based on flawed reasoning...you have no one else to rely on to run things past for you to get an alternative view of things.

    Additional recommended reading...and comprehension would be.....




    In the event that something catastrophic does happen out in the boonies, and you do actually survive and make it back to civilisation...



    I have taken risks with my life, and have come close to dying on three occasions (a near drowning when I over estimated my abilities in dealing with severe surfing conditions; a head-on motor vehicle collision at high speed; and being run over by a motor vehicle at a pedestrian crossing as a consequence of a lack of situational awareness; I have also come close to severing two fingers doing garden maintenance, through fatigue impaired judgement...(microsurgery has enabled me to retain most of my functionality in those fingers fortunately). However, I tend to pay more heed to risk management these days and my decision making is a little less impulsive and hasty than in days gone past. I realise with the perspective of an older age, that I am not immortal nor bullet proof, and that the longevity and quality of the life I have left to me depends on the quality of the decisions that I make when and where I am.

    Good luck and keep a diary....if all goes well....you'll have many anecdotes to turn into a blockbuster book deal...if things don't go so well...your next of kin will have the material for a blockbuster book deal.

    Edit: you may need the services of a an editor as well as an agent.
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    This editor comes at a very high price..... and most likely will not be available for this project. :lol:

    I am still struggling to figure if I should make any effort to fix the current state of the related thread mess at hand.... [banghead]

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  11. well isolation and stress i never get sorry! I've been tortured by demons for a long long time and have been alone and no talked to anybody in a long long time. the only thing that stresses me is things that are civilization and people i talk to myself all the time i am my best friend. anytime things are going bad i just thank jesus and god for everything they have done the air the earth the sun moon stars the food water people trees my house keeping me in good health and feeling good. and most of the time everything just goes away and i feel better every time.
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    I hope this guy finds some help, because death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, may God bless you guy because you really do need help.
  13. Troy brownrigg

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    I shoot at those two legged little foot's all the time. They get too close to the house at about 01:00 or so , and think no one will notice the dogs barking at them. I get as close as I can without using a light and fire over their heads. Scares the shit right out of them, They run a little faster than most humans , but foot prints look like Nikey, or Converse. Not like they will call the cops or Sheriff and tell them they were trespassing at that hour.
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  14. Troy brownrigg

    Troy brownrigg How my next home will be constructed!

    Easy one, which one weighs the least? My idea of living off the land is totally different. I buy the right property with water, with a temperature zone I like. Like somewhere near South east Oklahoma area. I need rainfall to support the cattle or goats, enough solar and wind power to generate enough electricity, so I can play on the internet! I want a green house to grow my own food a place to prepare the livestock I butcher out. Enough income to support the property taxes an buy a little something now and then, a monolithic dome home that's easy to heat and cool. Rethink your idea until you find a way to make it happen, without endangering yourself. I'm 53 now maybe next year I'll start the project if the money is right. PS. I live on a 55 acre farm now. It's a good spot, but not exactly what I want for the next twenty plus years.
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  15. the lightest is the 410 which breaks into 2 parts and stores in a school bag, 3 pounds. but i want to take 2 guns preferably the 12 gauge and 12 or 20 and 22
  16. so tired of the pollution the people the buildings everywhere the houses in every corner of the hills the cops violating my rights and harassing me friends becoming enemys the pathetic minimum wage (which you get over $100 taken each check when you only make barely 800) tired of thinking things are gonna get better. tired of people telling me things are getting better. tired of not being able to see a full sky because of light pollution/buildings. tired of the stupid kids playing in my yard when I've said something numerous times. the money i see being senselessly wasted around my city town whole state. tired of being sprayed with chemtrails. having to watch everything i eat because the elites are trying to kill me, having to buy expensive water filters. tired of the social demands and easy women who do dirty things for ex convicts in exchange for some cocaine at age 14 and way more horrible things i would get banned and my house raided for saying. i spend nights thinking about the woods until 3 in the morning when i get too tired. tired of feeling like a burden to people and like my life has no meaning. well its about 3 so I'm almost done…tired of not seeing wildlife of any kind besides deer and birds some raccoons and turkey. tired of the douchebaggy rich people who drive SUV'S and live in the city never once going on an unpaved road let alone off roaring (what a 4x4 is meant for) just to be cool wasting gas. tired of the price of everything going up. tired of having to determine if i want to hang out with people because they might have diseases and std's. tired of the wasted water and radiation. I'm done goodnight
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    You know yourself better than I do, but it is one thing to be alone and not communicate with others, when that option is open to you, and you have the opportunity of choosing not to be alone at your whim. It is quite a different thing when out in the boonies, when the benefits of human company are not readily available.

    As to stress: stressors can vary from person to person, and from situation to situation. I am doubtful of the claim that someone never experiences stress. It may well be that they have not yet experienced the stress that will let them know that they are in a world of hurt, and should be doing something about extricating themselves from it. Stress is not necessarily a bad thing; It can be bad however when one's coping mechanisms are overwhelmed by stress to the point that one's responses becoming dysfunctional and harmful to one's survival prospects. If you don't feel stress in a situation where stress is appropriate, then odds are, you may be sliding down the luge of vulnerability to personal extinction.

    By my estimation, you may have, optimistically, perhaps a week or two max, of rations. The rations that you plan on carrying may, depending on season last you for a week on full rations. You may eke it out a bit longer by placing yourself on half rations, but expect a commensurate loss in physical capacity and mental agility as your energy reserves are lowered. The diet listed by you is largely of highly processed food, with rice offering carbs, but little in the way of nutritional value. Hunting, trapping, and fishing may supplement your diet with protein, together with some fats and carbs, but the diet will not provide all of the nutrients that your body may need. If you wish to carry rice, then choose brown rice, it is more nutritious than white rice. Carry a supply of multi vitamin tablets; Scurvy, Berri-Berri, Pellagra et al are a bitch, if you're not getting adequate micronutrients from your diet.
    http://www.healthsupplementsnutritionalguide.com/vitamin-deficiency-symptoms.html .

    I note that you haven't included an EPIRB / PLB in your list of equipment. Give yourself a fighting chance of summoning help when you are direly in need of it...and the means by which your rescuers can find you.

    Might I suggest that you take a string of pack-goats. It will extend the quantity of supplies you can carry, and you have food on the hoof, and they can provide you with some companionship until it's their turn for the stew pot. Include one nanny...that way you'll also have some fresh milk. ;)

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  18. thats a cool picture, i think i said that wrong what i meant was a am better at dealing with stress than a lot of people and channel it differently. I'm bringing some of those survival multivitamins like u said, and brown rice has more nutritional value but isn't good for your body. i don't have really any processed foods, what foods did u see were processed? a few organic bare minimum ingredient bars but i think that was it. i don't have any money to buy said pack animals. i use meditation to calm myself down and enter an altered state of consciousness when feeling very bad and like i said pray and when i open my eyes i feel slightly different every time in a good way. i really think i can do this i really do i have a good sense of danger and the best eagle eye and peripheral vision ever. i once found 7 bags of weed in different spots on a hiking trail one day when i stayed up the whole night so i was super groggy and out of it but still found a quarter ounce of pot on the ground. but thats just one story though. i called a lady at the district office she said if a bear was charging me i could shoot it! i don't have money for what i think you are talking about (emergency get me outta here on demand chopper e-vac button thingy) and I'm going to be taking some Amazon.com : Survival Seed Vault - Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds - Plant a Full Acre Crisis Victory Garden - 20 Easy-to-grow Varieties : Vegetable Plants : Patio, Lawn & Garden seeds too.
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  19. Mindgrinder

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    You have no outdoor roughing it experience...
    You're gonna come running home in 48 hrs....maybe less.
    How much gardening experience do you have?

    Let's see what you got here....
    Patriot Survival Seed Vault | Best Survival Seeds & Survival Seed Vault

    Included Patriot Seeds
    • Blue Lake Bush Bean - over 150 heirloom seeds - You think cuz they're called "Bush Beans" you can just chuck'em in the bush and come back in 3 months to harvest?
    • California Wonder Bell Pepper - over 70 heirloom seeds - No chance this is growing in a forest.
    • Marketmore Cucumber - over 150 heirloom seeds - Maybe by a stream but requires maintenance.
    • Scarlet Nantes Carrot - over 800 heirloom seeds - Needs sandy soil - 800 seeds is nothing.
    • Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce - over 900 seeds - This will grow...and provide deer and rabbit food.
    • Golden Acre Cabbage - over 530 heirloom seeds - This will grow....and provide deer and rabbit food.
    • Detroit Dark Red Beet - over 260 heirloom seeds - desert cottontail, black-tailed hare and rat bait.
    • Lincoln Shell Sweet Pea - over 100 heirloom seeds - Maybe in a hanging pot near your camp...
    • Black Turtle Bean - over 70 heirloom seeds - Maybe in a hanging pot near your camp...
    • Beefsteak Tomato - over 180 heirloom seeds - LOL. In the woods? LMAO.
    • Champion Radish - over 320 heirloom seeds - desert cottontail, black-tailed hare and rat bait.
    • Green Sprouting Broccoli - over 500 heirloom seeds - LOL. In the woods? LMAO.
    • Waltham Butternut Winter Squash - over 100 seeds - Maybe by a stream but requires maintenance.
    • Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach - over 260 seeds - This will grow....and provide deer and rabbit food.
    • Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion - over 145 heirloom seeds - Maybe.
    • Golden Bantam Sweet Corn - over 250 heirloom seeds - LOL. In the woods? LMAO.
    • Hales Best Cantaloupe - over 70 heirloom seeds - Maybe by a stream but requires maintenance.
    • Snowball Cauliflower - over 285 heirloom seeds - Maybe by a stream but requires maintenance.
    • Black Beauty Zucchini - over 50 heirloom seeds - Maybe by a stream but requires maintenance.
    • Crimson Sweet Watermelon - over 60 heirloom seed - Maybe by a stream but requires maintenance.
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    Your seeds will definitely feed the wild life. Slugs will get the majority of the sprouts, at least what the birds don't get before they sprout. If you get mature plants, they will be descended upon by all manner of critters looking for food. My garden this year attracted Deer, Rabbit, Slugs, White flies, Wasps, Grass Hoppers or Locusts that destroyed what lettuce the slugs didn't eat and completely destroyed the cucumber before it could flower and I live in a coastal environment Zone 5.

    You really need to quit doing a shot gunning approach to this and rationally think things through. You will be wet, cold, hungry, tired and sick. You will not feel like getting out of what ever makeshift shelter you create and work to feed yourself or even start a fire. There will be days when you cannot start a fire because of the weather. You will not want to go out in the rain to cut and gather firewood and your meager supplies will dwindle quickly. You will soon tire of eating cold food or of constantly being hungry. you will have no one to trade with as you will have nothing of value to trade. Killing and preserving wild game is a challenge at best and small game is not very plentiful.

    Read this... The Journals of Lewis and Clark (Lewis & Clark Expedition available on Amazon for ~$14 + shipping

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