I'm guessing we will see nukes flying shortly

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. melbo

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    And I don't think a call from Bush can quench Israeli tempers this time around


    GAZA (Reuters) - A spokesman for gunmen in the Gaza Strip said they had fired a rocket tipped with a chemical warhead at Israel early on Thursday.

    The Israeli army had no immediate comment on the claim by the spokesman from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed wing of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement.

    The group had recently claimed to possess about 20 biological warheads for the makeshift rockets commonly fired from Gaza at Israeli towns. This was the first time the group had claimed firing such a rocket.

    "The al-Aqsa Brigades have fired one rocket with a chemical warhead" at southern Israel, Abu Qusai, a spokesman for the group, said in Gaza.

    An Israeli military spokeswoman said the army had not detected that any such rocket was fired, nor was there any report of such a weapon hitting Israel.
  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    I hope Israel Pounds the Shit out of those Fk tards. At least someones going to do it right over there!
  3. WildBill

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    I hope we stay out of it. It's there fight, let them fight it out.

  4. Quigley_Sharps

    Quigley_Sharps The Badministrator Administrator Founding Member

    up Im with that.
  5. E.L.

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    Chemical warhead. It was probably full of pepper spray.

    This won't help matters either:


    18-year-old Eliyahu Asheri from Itamar was found dead in Ramallah early on Thursday morning. (Reproduction)

    Last update - 13:39 29/06/2006

    Eliyahu Asheri, 18, shot dead soon after his abduction

    Missing teen found dead, buried in Ramallah field

    By Amos Harel, Avi Issacharof, Jonathan Lis and Yuval Azoulay, Haaretz Correspondents, and Haaretz Service

    Eliyahu Asheri, the 18-year-old from the settlement of Itamar, was found dead by Israel Defense Forces early Thursday morning in the A-Tira neighborhood of Ramallah.

    A Palestinian militant arrested by the police anti-terror unit and IDF troops on Wednesday had told the IDF about the whereabouts of Asheri's body.

    Asheri will be buried Thursday afternoon. His funeral procession will depart from the Sanhedriyah neighborhood of Jerusalem at 2:30 P.M., toward his final resting place at the Mount of Olives cemetery.

    Shin Bet agents and special IDF troops found the body buried in a field around 2:30 A.M. Thursday morning, and determined that he had been shot in the head soon after he was kidnapped Sunday. Soldiers arrested a militant in connection with the murder early Thursday morning.

    Palestinian militants from the Popular Resistance Committees said they executed the teenager.

    On Wednesday morning, a PRC spokesman, displaying Asheri's Israeli identification card, told Al-Jazeera satellite TV that the settler would be "butchered in front of TV cameras" if doesn't halt its incursion in the Gaza Strip, which began in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Security officials were, however, almost certain that Asheri had already been killed by then.

    He said that the kidnapping was part of an operation called Rider's Rage, carried out by members of the Abu Yusef al-Guga and Abu al-Ataya Samhadane Brigades, a group named after two PRC leaders killed in IDF attacks.

    "Our operatives succeeded in following the kidnapped person on his way between the settlement of Itamar and Beitar Ilit," the spokesman said.

    Initial reports indicated that Asheri set out Sunday evening to hitchhike from the settlement of Beitar Illit, southwest of Bethlehem, in the direction of the Neveh Tzuf settlement, northwest of Ramallah, where he was completing a course.

    He was on his way to a hike with other students from his course, and had been carrying a tent. He had not been heard from since.

    PRC militants in Gaza first announced that they had carried out a kidnapping at around 10 P.M. Monday.

    The defense establishment initially reacted cautiously to the PRC claim, saying that there was no intelligence that a settler had been abducted, but said Tuesday afternoon for the first time that there were growing fears Asheri had indeed been kidnapped.

    Dozens of students from the Neveh Tzuf academy took part in a search for Asheri on Wednesday. Standing at the entrance to the West Bank settlements Ofra and Shilo and holding photographs of their abducted friend, they asked dozens of people driving to work whether they had seen him hitchhiking or had given him a ride.

    Meanwhile, a leaflet distributed Wednesday by the Fatah-affiliated militant group Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, claimed that a 62-year-old Rishon Letzion resident also had been abducted and was being held in the West Bank.

    A few hours before the announcement was made, a search was initiated for Noah Moskowitz, an Israeli of approximately the same age from Rishon Letzion, who has been missing since mid-day Monday.

    One suspicion is that the militants found Moskowitz's name on an Internet site that reported he was missing, and decided to use the information as part of its psychological warfare.

    Police suspect disinformation, but the IDF said that intelligence efforts are continuing so as to confirm that Moskowitz was not kidnapped.

    However, IDF personnel estimate that the wave of kidnappings may be used by Palestinian factions in order to spread fear and disinformation.
  6. BRONZ

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    A few less ******* would make the world a better place.
  7. magnus392

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    I dont' think Israel really would need our help. They are quite capable of kicking the shit out of any nation in the mid east on their own, because they aren't fighting the press at home when they do it.
  8. Valkman

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    I don't think they'll need us either, Magnus. Good prep for Iran anyway.
  9. melbo

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    The thing that scares me is the amount of Nations with Nukes now. And those that bought them off the Russian Black market when a shitload of them dissappeared. People get scared or overrun and may just decide: "What's to lose" Fire the missles.

    We have a lot of beedy little eyes on us right now and maybe one of those sets of eyes decides to take out Boston, or Atlanta.

    I could care less what The Israelis vS Their enemies do to one another. I'm afraid of the loose, lone bomb that makes it our way.
  10. monkeyman

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    We have a lot of beedy little eyes on us right now and maybe one of those sets of eyes decides to take out Boston, or Atlanta.

    I could care less what The Israelis vS Their enemies do to one another. I'm afraid of the loose, lone bomb that makes it our way.<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

    Well look at the bright side, if they do maybe they will decide to aim them at Komifornia. lol
  11. TailorMadeHell

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    Just let me get out of here before that happens. I'm sure I can grab a ride and some stuff and haul ass. Hate to be here when the SHTF. The resulting shockwaves might just upset the fault lines and make this place an underwater town and I don't want to be here when that happens.
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