I'm in love with Canada

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. VisuTrac

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    Well it looks like Canada is more progressive and intelligent than our ameriKan senators/representatives could hope to be.

    They are getting rid of their long gun registry

    Good riddance to the long-gun registry

    I'm sure that our tyrannical government would want to put such a registry in.

    Je dois dire que j'aime les castors Canadiens!
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  2. Redneck Rebel

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    Now if only they would allow true freedom of speech...
  3. VisuTrac

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    Like we use to have here many years ago?
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  4. Redneck Rebel

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    Meh, we aren't quite where Canada is yet. Check out some of the asinine crap that is labeled a "hate" crime by Her Majesty's Gov't.
  5. VisuTrac

    VisuTrac Ваша мать носит военные ботинки Site Supporter+++

    RR, do you have links so i can check out?

    I pretty much thought that their laws for hate crimes were quite similar to ours.
  6. Redneck Rebel

    Redneck Rebel Monkey++

    Just do some googling. You'd be amazed. For example public remarks many American's seem so fond of making about homosexuals or Muslims, or any other "identifiable" group can result in a two year prison sentence for 'Public Incitement of Hatred'. Sure such remarks are distasteful, but making them illegal? Give me a freakin break.

    Now to the best of my knowledge those remarks are only a hate crime in the US when said while committing a crime against those the comments target. The speech itself is protected so long as you don't make threats or commit an actual crime.
  7. dragonfly

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    "The speech itself is protected so long as you don't make threats or commit an actual crime.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> "

    Well,...not YET anyway!
  8. larryinalabama

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    Racial or comments might not get you jailed BUT YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR JOB.
  9. Redneck Rebel

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    Technically the 1st amendment doesn't apply on the job whatsoever. If you are allowed to discuss anything that isn't work related, consider that a privilege.
  10. Seawolf1090

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    I have seen employees here fired (State employment) for making 'off-color jokes'. With our heavy percentage of foreign workers, making disparaging remarks against them would result in same. Now doing the same versus US - no problem.......

    Once Canada ditches the long gun 'registry', maybe their NRA-equivalent can get to work legalizing handguns again.
  11. cdnboy66

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    Handguns are actually not illegal, just so heavily regulated that it is a pain in the butt
    full auto handguns and other assorted f/a that fall into "prohibited" class are still being "phased out" as licenses for possession run out or are not renewed.
    it is a funny system of classification that often makes no sense.
    and there are fairly strict regulations about the storage and transportation of firearms that are often questioned and left open to interpretation
    hence the continuing fight to have more freedom with regards to legal gun owners being allowed to use and acquire a wider variety of firearms

    I will look up a link for our "Charter of Rights"
    Free Speech is a challenge in that there can be a fine line between expressing an opinion and instigating hate, which then falls into the "hate crime" category.
    The Charter provides for the right to "freedom of opinion and expression"
    in 2)b)
    It would be a legal imbroglio to actually prove intent to incite hate with any verse of speech.
    However...what does it cost to fight a legal battle these days against well funded groups that could possibly take offense against your words.
    here is a link to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in pdf form


    But you are absolutely right to love Canada, my home and native land
    it is full of just incredible people...if I do say so myself.
    It has a rich and diverse culture that is as varied as the landscape.

    You should come visit....lots to see and do...sorry, that sounds like a commercial, but it's true
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  12. weegrannymush

    weegrannymush Monkey+

    Absolutely right on, Cndnboy....the best country in the world, bar none

    Yes, we do have our problems but remarkably few compared to most other countries. I am pleased to see the development of patriotism in Canada....when I first came over here in 1952 and for many years thereafter, there was very little patriotism shown. One side of the country didn't know the other end existed, so to speak. Very fragmented, such a huge country and a relatively small population. However, as the population has grown and the distances "diminished" by plane travel and great roads, and of course with the improvement in communications, the country has become much more unified. At public gatherings we all heartily sing O Canada with a considerable amount of emotion! That never happened in the old days!!

    My one big ongoing "beef" is the continuing enforced poverty and dreadful living conditions of many of our original inhabitants, the First Nations. There is no excuse at all for the way they are treated and it is a huge blot on our reputation as a just society. That and the annual sealhunt in Newfoundland/Labrador. But I had better not get started on THAT!
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  13. TinCanMan

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    I hope for you the magazine restrictions and restrictions on handguns will go away too in the not so distant future!

    go team canada! ;-)
  14. weegrannymush

    weegrannymush Monkey+

    Please keep in mind when talking or thinking about Canada that there are very good reasons for our "hate" laws. Our focus is completely different from that of the U.S. - you are a "melting pot", we are a "mosaic". We encourage immigrants to keep their own culture as far as they wish. Oh, they are expected to become good Canadians but not expected to "assimilate" to the degree which I believe would be appropriate in a "melting pot". I am not sure, really, which is the better approach, there are definite pros and cons for both POV. Be that as it may, the Mosaic by its nature is comprised of individual pieces, each distinct in the whole picture. Therefore, it is very important that each person in the mosaic be respected and not reviled or insulted for what they are or what they believe, or anything else. Which is why our hate laws are tougher. For the Mosaic to work, it has to be this way. Sorry, I am not explaining all this very well but you are all intelligent enough, I feel sure, to get the gist of what I am saying. What works for you in your (wonderful) country cannot work for us! Just sayin'.
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  15. Gunny Highway

    Gunny Highway Hard Work and Sacrifice blessed by God's Grace

    Not meant for you WGM - just a statement at the world at large. People used to come to America and learn the language to get work and be part of the country. now we have to have everything printed in every language.

    Someone didnt read that that is one of the reasons the Roman Empire fragmented....

    Hard to build a sense of country when everyone is their own country. As for hate speech - really ? If you just fear words than you have more problems than the rest of the world should have to deal with...

    I remember a time when we were Americans and were proud of it but remembered the traditions of our heritage be it Swedish, Irish, German etc

    We said the Pledge of Alligiance daily at school and it meant something. We stayed respectfully quiet thru the Star Spangled Banner or sang along with the singer ( not hooted and hollared ). You respected your elders and thise in authority above you ( hitting a teacher was unthinkable and would have been punished with death in my family ). My Dad had one true hard and fast rule " Never EVER do anything to embarrass the family name "

    An erosion of morals and family values and a watering down of work ethic and the standards of fair play have led to the destruction of the America that helped lead the world out of darkness in WWII and helped rebuild it afterward.

    I was called all sorts of names as a kid and I never became a serial killer or mass murderer. I was trained in the use of firearms and use of other weapons as well as developed a healthy streak of aggression and never became a sociopath. I don't need the government to dictate every action I take or how I should raise my family. I dont need them to take 45 % of what I make to support those that won't work at all. Who think it is an entitlement to healthcare a roof over their head and a full belly for doing nothing. Seriously - working 2 weeks out of every month to pay taxes for programs for the same bastards that bitch about it taking an extra five minutes for me to cast a broken leg - Are they late for getting back to NOT working ?

    I am tired of suffering in silence for those who never stop whining and complaining that the government should do more for them when they do nothing for anyone including themselves.

    My back hurts and so does my neck - from the weight of millions on welfare and other entitlement programs. I have nothing against those who worked and paid into the system collecting their benefits despite the fact it wont be there for me. I have eveything against illegal aliens receiving any benefits let alone reduced state college tuition....

    Its went on too long and they have gone too far....

    but I digress....a man should make his own destiny not rely on others to make it for him
  16. Redneck Rebel

    Redneck Rebel Monkey++

    For the record I am not condoning nor encouraging hate or hate speech. Here in the states we have the westboro baptist pukes who exercise their freedom of speech in a sickening and twisted manner, but if limits are placed even on their brand of speech we would have ourselves a slippery slope that would lead to limits on other speech that someone somewhere was offended by.
  17. weegrannymush

    weegrannymush Monkey+

    Rebel, I agree with so much of what you have said. But (in Canada, I am not referring to the U.S., you may make your own decisions there, lol) the very reason we need some sort of control on speech/written material or whatever, is the fact that what used to be unthinkable out of respect to say or write, is now more than acceptable, no matter how much hurt is caused. With most people nowadays, they feel their rights are above the rights of others...and they have the "right" to malign in any way they wish, people whose only crime is their skin colour or religion (e.g.) and who are unable to defend themselves because they are a long, long way from "home" and from anyone who would be able to stand up for them. It must be a very lonely feeling......

    Our societies are breaking down in every way, we can all see that. "Society" used to keep self-imposed boundaries and limits but no longer. Anything goes. If you want to do something that other folks might not like or want, who cares, just "let it all hang out" - after all, it's your "right". If people won't control themselves then there has to be some control from somewhere else, to protect the vulnerable. For examble, how did police forces come into being in the first place....because it was necessary to control the actions of the few who were destroying the quality of life of the many. Speaking of police forces, that is another section of society that is going downhill, yes I am sure there are a zillion upstanding members of the police but you and I both know and are aware that police corruption and violence are on the increase and not in a small way either. When I was a young woman (18) in the U.K., I was charged with owning a dog which had been caught chasing sheep (turned out he hadn't but still I had to go to Court in front of a magistrate). The police treated me with such respect and kindness...I have never forgotten it. I was absolutely shattered at what was happening to me but their decency to me helped me get through it. Now, I would be terrified if I had a run-in with the police. Our old values have either disappeared or are disappearing - fast - and something has to be in place to protect us. People have a right to live in peace in their chosen country and not to be subjected to any kook or idiot who wants to spout anti-whatever at them or vandalize synagogues or harass young Moslem women. That's why Canada has stepped in with laws, because respect for others is pretty close to dead, at least for a sizable section of the population.

    I know I am not expressing myself well...it is a difficult subject for me.

    I hope your country, which began as a place of hope and refuge for so many, will be able to find a way out of its current difficulties and problems. Americans are the most generous-hearted folks on earth and I wish more people (who shall remain nameless) would recognize with gratitude, the benefits and aid they have received from you. They take from you with a smile and then fire at your back when you walk away. But, we all know there is no justice in this world...maybe we'll all have better luck in the next!
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  18. cdnboy66

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    you all make good points...but if I may interject my short thoughts on it...
    it started to get away on us when we started teaching everyone they had rights, and stopped teaching them that they had responsibilities to go with those rights.

    I have taught my kids the 3 r's
    Rights...as a child, I will see to it that you get those ( that falls under my responsibility as a parent)
    Those rights change as you age, you have the right to be protected as a child, and the right/responsibilities to protect as an adult
    Responsibilities...even as a child you must learn them and adhere to them, you alone must meet them
    Rewards...the totally bonus that comes after you have met your responsibilities, which may include making sure someone else's rights get met.

    It is the only way that I can describe what expectations I was brought up with.

    My kids are teenagers now, but they know it, even in the midst of their teanage angst, and while sometimes they frustrate me with their independance and teenage ways...
    I know that they know it and am very proud of them when I see it in action.

    we somehow need to get back to that paradigm
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