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    This kid? Matt??

    He is on my Buffett board...he joined when he was 12!
    We have watched him grow up..and taught him to spell...and have had the honor of seeing what a wonderful , fine, upstanding young man he is becoming..
    He calls me "Aunt Connie" and well...he is just holds one of the very special corners in my heart....Awesome kid..and I was so proud of him I had to post this..
    He has attended concerts with his parents from when he was 10...and says "my generation just has no good music.."

    I just love this kid!

    Meet "Phat Matt"


    Scout plans concert in quest for Eagle status
    Friday, December 02, 2005
    Aaron Beck

    ‘‘Promote rock concert" appears nowhere among the Boy Scouts of America requirements to achieve the Eagle Scout rank.

    Someday it might, if Matt Dobson has anything to say about it.

    Dobson, a 16-year-old member of Troop 275 in Grove City, is marketing a Christmas show tonight by Peter Mayer, a guitarist in Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band.

    Earlier this year, the youth responded to a request on Mayer’s Web site to help promote a concert in central Ohio.

    ‘‘It said something like ‘If you want to help, let us know,’ " Dobson said. ‘‘I thought he meant he needed someone to stand around and hand out fliers. But that’s not what he meant."

    With help from friends of Mayer’s in the Columbus area, Dobson organized the performance.

    He will donate money generated by the concert to the music program at Worthington Christian Church.

    In doing so, he will complete another Eagle Scout requirement.

    ‘‘It took me a few meetings to get . . . (the board) to approve it," Dobson said. ‘‘I was in there two hours for the first, then came back for another one for an hour."

    Typical meetings with the eight members of the Eagle board — who determine what constitutes Eagle material — might last 15 minutes, he said.

    Board member Mike Love, 58, called Dobson’s project a first.

    The usual Eagle-worthy endeavors, Love said, ‘‘might include mulching a trail, building picnic tables or a shelter house."

    ‘‘One of the things you consider with all of the merit badges the boys do is which ones are going to contribute to their life goals or careers.

    ‘‘This is different, and that’s a good thing. It’s an all-around good project."

    About nine months ago, the Buffett fanatic set up the first 2005 concert for Mayer — at the Confluence Park Restaurant and Conference Center in Columbus.

    He arranged that show mainly to meet the guitarist, whose blend of light pop he loves.

    Dobson donated the $800 in proceeds to the Gifted and Talented Department in South-Western schools; and International Partners in Mission, based in India. (Mayer, the son of missionaries, spent his first 17 years in India.)

    As the year progressed, Dobson contemplated how he could earn the 10 additional merit badges necessary to reach the Eagle rank — which requires Scouts to "plan, develop and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school or your community."

    Donating money to a church from a concert he organized, he reasoned, "has to be community service."

    He has the leadership part covered, too.

    "I will have 20 to 25 Scouts working at the show, but I’ve told them they can’t wear their Scout uniforms," said Dobson, a Central Crossing High School sophomore.

    In October, he shadowed Tom Loudermilk of PromoWest Productions — the company that books concerts in the Newport Music Hall.

    Dobson "knew more about this stuff than I knew when I was 20," the 26-year-old said.

    "He’s a sharp kid, and he’s really organized, but you can tell he isn’t a professional," said Loudermilk, laughing. "He still has ideals. He’s still got a soul."

    Dobson plans to choose concert promoting as a career.

    "I love the business and dealing with people. I also can’t play any instruments."
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    Sounds like a wonderful young soul CRC.
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    Rock on Big Guy:) Concert promoting can be tough work!!! He is earning it!
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