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    New article out about the Worst 8 Governors in America.

    We're #2...But Rick Scott is trying hard to put us in the #1 spot, I assure you.

    He was never in politics before last years election. And sometimes, this can be a good thing! No good ol' boy network established. No party lines he is locked in to, etc.....Ok, I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he was elected and thought this could be a good, positive thing...
    Rick Scott was the CEO of Columbia/HCA...a massive health care chain. And he's trying to run the state like a CEO.

    He was indicted for multiple counts of Medicare/Medicaid Fraud while in his position, and refused, absolutely refused to comment, or take questions about it while he was campaigning. This is all on record.
    Here's where you can read about HCA being charged with 14 Felonies.

    PolitiFact Florida | Rick Scott, former healthcare CEO, faces questions about past

    He (and Columbia/HCA) was fined 1.7 BILLION dollars for all he did while there. The largest in American History. The LARGEST.

    Instead of doing time for scamming the Govt?? He is now an elected official. Makes perfect sense.[loco] Let's elect a criminal to office, because. hey, nothing else has worked, and in the process, try to destroy the 4th largest state.

    His actions have affected me, personally. I used to see my physician every 6 months, and he gave me 5 refills on the few piddly Rx's I am on. The new laws have changed that and now I have to go every other month, incurring more medical bills for me. Oh, AND my Dr now has to enter it in to a site on the internet, and which medicines I take. I feel so much better knowing any hacker in the world can get this information now, even easier than before.Oh, and a Federal judge has ruled the new laws unconstitutional.I'll wait and see how this one plays out.....

    Mr. Scott has rejected $2.4 billion in stimulus money to build a high-speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando. No explanation.

    He wants to slash $4 billion in spending while cutting taxes for millionaires.

    He tried to use state funds to build golf courses in state parks while cutting education by 10 percent and corporate taxes by 5 percent. Think he's going to find another Tiger Woods in the State Parks? Or increase tourism?

    He's requiring 600,000 government workers (including police officers, teachers, firefighters, judges, and retirees) to contribute 5 percent to their retirement. Not optional. Required.

    He just lopped off $2,300 a year in teacher salary to give massive tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy.(You can research this on any computer, and do the work I've done...it's there.)

    He's made a proposal to eliminate state support for 2 historically black colleges, and universities. He's shutting down agencies that assist minority businesses. Not just the black minority...Single women, Older women, Divorced women with children, etc.....He has said that he will not appoint any blacks to any significant position in his administration. This, while his option, has not won friends and influenced people here....

    Stephen King is a part time resident of Florida and has gone public with his thoughts on Rick Scott...I'll have to go back and find that video.It's something else....Here it is: and btw? Mr. King has gone on record saying Rick Scott could star in his next horror movie...lol.

    Stephen King - Awake the State Sarasota, Florida - YouTube

    My favorite is to visit his website....Mr. Scott claims he doesn't read newspapers, or care what the public thinks, or the polls say, about him....

    One of the newest features on Rick Scott for Florida is a page where Scott supporters can send pre-written letters of praise for Scott … written by Scott’s campaign team. Just pick the newspaper you want to contact. And then you can add your own name!
    Here's the site for the letter:
    Rick Scott for Florida - Email a Newspaper Editor

    But wait...it gets even better than that....

    Here’s the message Scott’s team wants Floridians to send to local newspapers:

    “When Rick Scott ran for Governor he promised to create jobs and turn our economy around. I voted for Rick because he’s always been a businessman, not a politician. While politicians usually disappoint us and rarely keep their promises, Rick is refreshing because he’s keeping his word.

    “His policies are helping to attract businesses to our state and get people back to work. Some of the special interests are attacking the Governor for making tough decisions, showing leadership, and doing what he told us he would do.

    “Rick Scott deserves our unwavering and enthusiastic support. How can we expect to elect leaders who will keep their word and do what’s right for our state if we don’t stand up for those with the courage to set priorities, make difficult choices, and actually deliver on their promises made?” (emphasis added on the last part)

    Did he really think that we (Floridians) and the media would NOT see these pre scripted letters on his site, and not publish them?

    And on a more substantive note, Scott is also this week “rejecting millions in federal health aid for senior citizens, children, and the disabled....I understand he is taking a stand against the governments "Affordable Care Act" and that many Republican governors are taking the same stand....By June of this year, Scott has refused, or returned, over $19 million in Federal Money because it was associated with the Affordable Care Act...ok. I understand that......but Scott also has stopped any state planning for the creation of mandated health care exchanges, which will allow consumers to comparison shop for health insurance plans?????
    He may be aiming at Obama...ok, he is...but it's Floridians he's hurting. He made his fortune downsizing hospitals for profit...and it is a fortune. Public record.

    I did my research on Mr Scott before the elections last year, and still wasn't sure who I was going to vote for. But I knew who I was going to vote against....and that was Rick Scott. He's a CEO who is trying to run the state of Florida like a company he's CEO of. And not only is he a CEO...but one that was fined the largest fine in American History for Medicare/Medicaid fraud. THE largest.

    Btw, when asked about this during his campaign? He refused to answer any and ALL questions about the charges, and walked away from the podium and off the stage every time he was asked about it.

    Not only is he #2 in the Worst Governors in America....he's #1 at being the least popular.

    Sorry. I just had to get this off my chest. South Carolina is looking better every day. If I still had young children? I'd have already moved.....

    Ok. I feel better. Sorry y'all...I just had to get it out..I've had a problem with this man since way before he was elected, and now? I just want to leave the state and not look back. Sheeeesh. :rolleyes:

    Go ahead, let me have it....I can take it. What I can't take is Rick Scott's governing of Florida.
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    Wow. Just toooo big to address item by item so I'll just hit the high spots.

    1) Scott is doing a better job of doing what he was elected to do than any prior governor in recent . . even not so recent, history. That is out there to see, you just gotta be willing to see it.

    2) The fact that he was involved in criminal activity and this is known to the citizens means only one thing: "He didn't have the same political savy as career politicians".

    3) He turned down the Federal stimulus money for the high speed rail project because of two reasons - both out there in the public domain and easy to find:
    A) The "jobs created" number put up by proponents was extremely bogus.
    B) The federal stimulus dollars for the high speed rail project were not a drop in the bucket compared to what it would cost to build, operate, and maintain a high speed rail line. The "foreseen user load" would have provided - at best - about a 20% offset to these operation and maintenance costs.

    4) I'm a tax payer. Why on earth should I pay any part of your health care costs?

    5) Historically speaking, in Florida golfers are THE highest spending visitors. No other user group brings and leaves so much money here. Doing something to financially benefit from THE most lucrative user group would seem to make sense to me if the goal is to increase state revenue and increase employment in the private sector. But hey, maybe I'm just weirder than I realize. ;)

    6) That is 3% NOT 5%. And I can't speak for all state employees, but I can speak for state universities; we got a 3% pay increase that coincided to the day with the mandatory contribution start date. In other words; it ultimately costs the employee NOTHING. Not a red cent.

    7) I have to assume you have not spent any time in/around/close to any "historically black colleges". If you have and you want to keep/increase funding to them you are - simply put - part of the problem not part of the solution.

    FAMU is right down the street from where I sit now. Even THE POLICE don't go on that campus alone, or at night. Just about two weeks ago a FAMU police officer was busted for dealing drugs out of his cruiser off campus. Once the story got out it became public knowledge that it had been known for years on campus that he was "the hookup" for dope.

    . . no money isn't what these universities need. Napalm is.[dunno]

    8) This is getting too long, I'm going to stop with this: Steven King is well known to be a brain dead bleeding heart liberal. He thinks Obama is the "right man for the job" and has publicly stated such. Period.[loco]
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    Not going to address point by point.....I don't know you, and you don't know me.....I'm not aware of your situation, nor you of mine...and that's fine. We all have opinions, and entitled to them...Some of us are just opinionated enough to have that as our screen name... ;) (that's kidding there, all good natured...)

    No one pays for my healthcare, other than me......Since I moved to this part of Florida, I've met more people on disability, medicare, medicaid...and I'm talking young people that are in way better health than I am. Their Dr visits are free...their Rx's range from free to $3...they see specialists every month, along with regular MD's....I just had pneumonia....down for over 3 weeks. Had to pay for the hospital costs incurred for X rays, the Radiologist, the breathing treatments, and all my prescriptions. Yes, it was less than someone with no insurance...but it was far from cheap, and/or free....

    The 5% I mentioned I got off factcheck....I guess they need to check their facts if it is indeed 3%....

    I won't go there with our past governors....I'm not here to get in to a political "He said, She said"....We're never going to see eye to eye; nor get one another to change our mind. I don't like the man, and never have...He got elected with the lowest margin over his opponent in 134 yrs....They're still looking at Solantic for overbilling Medicare.....And many more things that will be best left unsaid.

    At least he is trying to get a bill through that will focus on passing a comprehensive immigration reform package...That's a positive step....!!

    It's going to take more than that to convince me...I guess only time will tell....
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    I love this forum. [bow]

    I don't know that it will do me any good but I'll make you a deal. If you can show me where a you saw that (a credible news source I assume), I will print it and go to the Capitol myself - in person - and raise holy hell about it.

    . . . I'm not kidding. I have a reputation there. Most all the C.P. officers know me by nam,e and those few that don't know me on sight.

    Been that way since Shrub (little Bush) was in office. I used to make him wish for hemorrhoids - just to get some relief from me.

    Seriously. That guy works for me! I'll be &%^$'d if I'm the least bit intimidated by him or his "staff". [beat]
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    The worst state Governor that money could buy???

    Ah well...quite unsurprising...republican free marketeer after all, but could he really be worse than cousin Jeb?

    There was only a 1.15% difference in the primary vote between the Republican and Democrat parties during the 2010 Florida Gubanatorial election....I wonder whether it was a foul weather election, on the day?
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    Jeb embraced unproven New Technologies before they were ready - millions of dollars and many thousands of manhours wasted - can anyone say "Aspire"....... harumph.....
    Jeb fired hundreds of people in my department alone - the worker bees, NOT the gold-bricking managers. It took us years to recover.

    Now, Scott is becoming JebTwo, the New Generation........
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    I feel for you, SeaW, and for America Generally

    If Perry's nomination gets up, the up side for the Republicans is that he'd make a better stalking horse for Ron Paul than Donald Trump.

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