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    Minuteman just turned me on to Carl Klang...

    I'm The Resister
    Did you think your plans were secret,
    When you left your office last night,
    And you closed the door behind you?
    Were you walkin' in your sleep,
    Or were you just to tired to notice,
    All the watchful eyes upon you?
    There's the man who does the maintenance
    And the maid who cleans the carpets in the hall
    And the guard down in the lobby
    Through a hidden T.V. camera saw it all ​
    I've observed your nervous habits
    And your random acts and patterns
    And I've learned you're not a nice guy
    And your phony faced deception
    Is your secret silent weapon
    And your modus operandi
    This little birdie told me
    Who was talkin' to a fly upon the wall
    So when you think nobody's lookin'
    I'm the eye that passes by ya
    When you think nobody's listenin' I'm the listener...
    I'm the Resister​
    I could be your next door neighbor
    Who drops by to ask a favor
    Who pretends to be your brother
    Or a member of The Order
    Who's a secret Sunday soldier
    From an underground militia
    I could even be your butler or your chauffeur
    Who just opened your car door
    I'm the butcher, I'm the baker, I'm your future trouble maker
    I'm the guy that used to date your little sister
    I'm The Resister
    You can spin your little stories
    'Till nobody will believe you any more
    You can plot your deadly schemes
    And say it isn't what it seems
    But let me tell you what this means...
    This means war !​
    I can be a midnight raider
    And a cyberspace invader
    Who impersonates a female
    Or another crazed commuter
    On the information highway
    Who just crashed inside your e-mail
    When I was in your part of town
    I strolled around and slipped this note under your door
    So when ya think nobody's lookin'
    I'm the eye that passes by ya
    When ya think nobody's listenin' I'm the listener...
    I'm The Resister

  2. Minuteman

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    That's a good one.
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