IMF Globalists calling for SDR's to replace FRN's!

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by BAT1, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Alex Jones' Prison
    Has any body watched the video sales presentation from Stansberry Investment Advisory? He's trying to move a book and investment advise but the info in the presentation is spot on. Once you click the link have an hour to listen to it because their is no pause or stop. Good food for thought.
    You can link to it from from A Free Press for a Free People
    The reason I bring this up, a banker friend I hunted with called me today and wants me to go shopping with him for an AR-10. He's always been cool as a cucumber, but today he was a nervous mess. He and other bankers are very concerned about IMF SDR's replacing FRN's, and the NYSE merger. Could someone here that is a stock broker or banker clear this up for me? How do Special Drawing Rights work or issued?
    If the world stops taking FRN's, inflation will go through the roof, food and gasoline will be almost unaffordable, I do know that. PM's will rule the day. Some States have already started their own currencies.
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    Special Drawing Rights are very real. Here's a link to the IMF: SDRs per Currency unit and Currency units per SDR -- last five days

    The value of the U.S. dollar in terms of the SDR is the reciprocal of the sum of the dollar values, based on market exchange rates, of specified quantities of the first four currencies shown. See SDR Valuation. The value in terms of the SDR of each of the other currencies shown above is derived from that currency's representative exchange rate against the U.S. dollar as reported by the issuing central bank and the SDR value of the U.S. dollar, except for the Iranian rial and the Libyan dinar, the values of which are officially expressed directly in terms of domestic currency units per SDR. All figures are rounded to six significant digits. See Representative Exchange Rates for Selected Currencies.
    (3) The value in terms of each national currency of the SDR is the reciprocal of the value in terms of the SDR of each national currency, rounded to six significant digits.
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    Well it looks like a SDR is equal to .649 of a dollar and it looks like it's been rising. Why are these guys nervous? Maybe the NYSE merger, meaning the SEC will no longer have rule over them?
    A large correction maybe?
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    I'm thinking I should go 'all in' SDRs
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    a move to SDR's would mean financial ruin for anyone holding FRN's. The reason being is that the SDR is backed by multiple currencies. If the reserve currency was no longer FRN's think of the trade currency for oil moving to SDR's over FRN's. FRN's would become next to worthless.
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    QUO BENE???

    I too have listened with an ever increasing cause for alertness
    but we get back to the basic question of who will benefit from this "change" which leads us back to Sorros and his sorry followers and enablers such as the Obimination[kneelsuckers]

    Laus Deo
    and prep as if your survival depends upon you and your actions; it does.

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