Immigrants In France. You have to watch this first hand account...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AD1, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Important post. When the police do nothing it is time for the people to act.
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    It is even more important when the police start to protect those actions. Here in the Live Free or Die state, you can go to prison for the hate crime of writing graffiti on a house, that the black moslem people living in that house are receiving the house, education, medical services, furniture, food and money as refugees. All true, but somehow making it public is a serious crime and they feel like stating the facts is a threat and the residents shouldn't have to be reminded of the truth.
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    Amazing. When I posted some things like this here I was told I was... er... full of it and it wasn't true and all lies, complete with wiki stories to back them up. Amazing what the people on the ground say vs. the people who have never been to France and never went and looked at Dearborn, or Chicago, or Deriot (yes that is accurate if not right) have to say from their safe little enclaves. France would be a nice place if they got rid of the French, but replacing the French with moslems is not an improvement, only a lateral move.
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    Left me pissed. And that is what our administration wants to bring into our country. Because to some, "no borders" sounds great. I see that slogan in commercials and such. But no borders means no country.
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    Recently, in another post, I referenced all the sexual assault crimes that were committed by Muslims (most newly arrived) in Germany and Sweden on New Years day but it never really got much air time in the media. There were 700 sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany alone (I think I used the German spelling last time, Koln, which might have confuse people). Google it if you think I am misstating or lying...

    This alone should tell the European people, their government and law enforcement that they have a very serious problem. Think about the fallout from this...700 incidents, now mean 700 families are of a negative opinion which means all their friends and colleagues now have had their opinions formed by this incident which they will pass on and on and on... So, even though it was a small percentage of the arrivals that have done these crimes it taints all of them. They. Have. A. Serious. Problem. Now, look what happened in The Netherlands when some whacko Islamic zealot brutally murdered Vincent Van Gogh great-grandson, Theo, in 2004?
    "A wave of retributive attacks against mosques, schools, and churches swept the country following van Gogh's murder. A bomb exploded at a Muslim school in Eindhoven in apparent retaliation; arsonists torched another Muslim school in Uden, an image that dominated the front page of Dutch daily Volkskrant; and vandals tossed Molotov cocktails at churches in Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Amersfoort. Volksrant listed 10 Muslim and five Christian sites that had been attacked since Friday."

    That was from a fast Google but I remember the incident well...huge riots and remarkable that more Muslims were not killed. But, of course, this is exact what these radicals want...

    Frankly, I am sorry but I do not want these refugees in America. They CANNOT be vetted. Impossible. I know because I have lived in some of these places and even went through the process myself for my wife who holds a Green Card. What truly makes me angry that they will throw open the doors to thousands without knowing anything about them but I can't even get a Tourist Visa for my niece to visit for a month and she is not Muslim. Am an American citizen, financially very secure and have had a held a classified clearance of the highest level for YEARS but that means nothing. She is my niece and I have known her since she will a little girl! She lived in my home and is like a daughter to me. I AM VETTING HER which is more than ANYTHING they will EVER be able to do - yet - with a wave of a hand they open the doors and allow the good the bad and the ugly in by the thousands. I was so angry (and still am if you can't notice) that I wrote my Congressman. Amazingly enough - he called me. "It's the State Dept and we can do nothing unless they will not give her a Student Visa..." Anyway, before I lose control of myself I will admit, I have work with the State Dept numerous time throughout my career and they are the most pampered, pompous, inept agency that exists...worthless. I need to stop now as starting to rant...

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    Rick, you get a big thumbs up on that post!!!
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    IMHO some day soon we will have to stand our ground and fight those evil ba%$*&ds the things they get away with make me sick to my stomach -- evil is evil and as soon as one of their children is old enough to be taught they teach them to hate--they leave trash behind where ever they stay i would call them animals but don't want to hurt animals feelings and what they do to children boys and girls is horrifying to good people --- mark my words some day they have a reckoning ----sorry for my rant
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    From @AD1 's link
    "Heart breaking description of how a government can destroy a city and a people. If ever there was an example of why a free people need a 1st and 2nd amendment style protection, this is it. Please watch it all."

    That means force equalizers, magazines and ammunition in quantity.
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    Here's more incidents from other countries:
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    It's going to take a few minutes for me to stop choking on my glass of water. Damn that's funny:lol:, and true.
    Guess it hits a funny bone because I work with a guy who is both French and Muslim.
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    Okay, I watched the video about Calais. And, it used to be a nice seaside place, great place, in fact. I caught the Chunnel there just to see what the Chunnel was like and to say I did it. But, this problem in France is much more extensive and wide spread than Calais. Calais is just the recent arrivals... I have not looked it up but a major portion of Southern France is made up of Muslims, something like 35+%, coming from North Africa for years.

    And, a comment on these videos like this one and @Tikka video.... I say good. Let them show the world and ESPECIALLY the Europeans what these people truly are like. And, a side benefit for the USA is our soft-and-fuzzy liberals here get to see it happen in first world countries where they cannot refute the evidence before they bring it here. Yes, what I am saying is better there than here. I don't want that happening here for I could easily see that yahoo who slapped that girl ending up dead ASAP or brutal beaten in return and then what do we have... No, better to not let it even happen here. Stop it before it happens. Let it happen there.

    One last thing, do you think that Yahoo would have slapped that girl in his own country? NO! Her family would have kill him....they must kill him. Now, think about that because he did it right in public.... - Rick

    PS. You can call me heartless, insensitive, a brute even but I am a realist. I know what it takes to live in those countries but what is quite obvious - the people of Calais do not.
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    Outstanding post. Shared on Facebook.

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    Well my neighbors are going to France for the summer, they made the plans after the Paris attacks, I don't think it's very smart, but they do know what can happen, if they still wanna risk it, that's their problem. Touristy areas were the main target in the Paris attacks, and summer is high tourism time.
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    And folks wonder why Alaska has so many Cruise Ships (floating Cattle Cars) running around our waters, in the summer times... No Jihadists up here, to speak of, and REALLY Nice Scenery, to boot....
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    My brother married French. They go back to France every year, to see her family. No way to carry. I might have to introduce him to the uses of a cane.
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    I would not be so certain that they will admit the problem, even then. There's the trend of criminalizing the victim and excusing the criminal. No matter how many times we have mass murders here in the States, you always hear about how the signs were present they were gonna do something bad, but no one did a damned thing.
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    Sigh....unfortunately, I must agree with's true. - Rick
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    The best way to put an Arab/Muzzy in his place, is to earn their respect. The best way to earn their respect, is the beat the shit out of them. Best not to do this in front of a pack, or they will all pounce on you.

    This was my experience on New Year Eave 1989-1990 on the Champs de Elysees. Arab (probably Turk) came and wanted to kiss my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) who is a long haired pretty blond. I said, "No Fucking Way!" and he proceeded to try and punch me which did not work out well for him. 5 minute later, he comes back with an entourage of friends/family looking for me. I see him coming and told a friend of mine to get everyone out of there. As they started to surround me, i did the the best gambler impression possible (know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to run" and run I did.

    As we made our way down the street, another Arab tried to kiss one of my wife's friends and she pushed him away. This resulted in a fist to her face + black eye.

    Unfortunately, this is my impression of Arabs. I have no interest of going to France anymore.
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