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    Is the current hot topic in DC; however,
    Here is the current independent documentation from the Swiss as of today: U.S. Goes Broke?

    What the socialist plan is has just been fully uncovered by the Swiss so there are no politics involved; just hard cold economics. They say that that the socialist plan is to combine the currencies of US, Canada, whose dollar is now stronger than ours, with the Mexican "economy" ( drug money) then likely under Soros, one world economy to make us easier to control with one quick way being to get immigration "reform ( meaning allow the illegals to vote for the socialists ) passed on a national level so that they have voters and trouble makers ready made for their socialist schemes and street demonstrations.

    Read the correct name of the old Russian empire: Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. What was the full name of the Nazi Party? Socialist again.
    What is Bertha Lewis, head of Acorn? Socialist! What are most of the inner circle under the Obimination? Socialist!!! What are the nature of their immigration and economic plans if not SOCIALIST????????[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Get illegals voting????[​IMG][​IMG]

    Laus Deo

    ps: the Wall Street Journal of today has an article by El Rushbo stating just what I said earlier in my Billy Bob squib.[stirpot][stirpot]
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    seems plausible at least...

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