Immunity to Companies Participating in Monitoring Program

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Yard Dart, May 16, 2013.

  1. Yard Dart

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    DoJ Secretly Granted Immunity to Companies that Participated in Monitoring Program | Threat Level |
  2. DarkLight

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    I swear, I am so close to just encrypting all of my internet traffic at this point...
  3. ghrit

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    Sure is going to stifle comms of almost any type.
  4. BTPost

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    Maybe, when Melbo gets back.... We can look at setting up a GPG Key Server on the Site.... Which would allow the Site Users to store their most current GPG Public Key, for retrieval, by all the other Monkeys. Each Monkey would need to decide how often to change KeySets, but that would certainly defeat any long term KeySet Cracking scheme undertaken by the Letters Outfits, if one changed KeySets say Weekly, or even Monthly.

    With a Key Server, an User could retrieve the Public Key of any Monkey who had a Public Key on the Server, and use that Key to encrypt any Message, File, or Picture, and then send it to the Owner Monkey of that Key. the Owner Monkey would then use the Private Key, that only HE/SHE had Access To, to Decrypt the Message, File, or Picture, on their end.

    It takes only a minute or two to generate a NEW KeySet, and just a few minutes to update a Public Key on a Key Server..... About the same time is required to retrieve a Public Key from a Key Server and encrypt a Message, File, or Picture, and post, or eMail that to the Monkey Key Owner. Just how much time is your Privacy worth, to you.... That is the Question.... If this were available, would you use it, or at least make it available for others to Message YOU, SECURELY....
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