In any War you first ID the enemy then for public consumption, then you Demonize them.

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    Indeed, what it implies for some Americans, including many in the so-called Warrior Class – hundreds of thousands of retired soldiers – is that an armed population is an essential guarantee against centralized tyranny. The lobbying of the National Rifle Association and the expansion of gun rights by federal courts have tended to further the idea that the Second Amendment is a safeguard against tyranny, as well as a key to personally protecting oneself against crime.

    As any can see they (Anti Gunners/Gov.) have defined/ID'ed their enemy as being the Warrior Class and now they will have a scapegoat to blame for any events.

    No doubt this has been the plan all along and I will bet there are many packaged "STATEMENTS" ready for publication as soon as they manage yet another incident to charge the public with the need to disarm and kill us all.

    Maniuplation has always been cheaper than force, ask any woman or government official.

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    I think a lot of people miss the point that our current population was bred to REDUCE brave men down to a small number through its current design. There has been a deliberate effort to selectively breed us all as submissive, removing the brave, starting in the early 1900s using media to create desirable breeding traits such as 'gentlemen' and 'going with the flow' and 'not rocking the boat'. There are memes out right now that are a hundred years old and designed to make people think that violence is a bad gene to be bred out but here is my question: are we not hunters? Is MAN not a hunter?

    If that is so and all of your research comes back to show that man is in fact a hunter, as him being at the top of the food chain would imply, then is it not in all of our own best interests to embrace that and to be what we are meant to be? I would argue that the top 1% of wealthy men and women in the world have fully embraced this idea to much success.

    If you look at the food chain you will see that it always goes down. Animals always eat or kill those under them, not those above them, but if you are at the top of the food chain, or the top of the power chain, then some may start to think about this and realize that the only way to get to a higher point on that pyramid is to start hunting other men, thus creating a higher spot. From an evolutionary standpoint they may think it makes sense. They may think that they are taking the next natural step in evolution just as homosapien-sapiens did to homosapien-neanderthal.

    So this divisive attack designed to separate what are deemed the lower men and the higher men may very well be the start of another painful step in evolution, or at least man's attempt at controlling evolution. There are signs everywhere. See if you can notice any.
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    I would have to say that the "PACK LAW" is still in the Human DNA.

    Law of the Pack is still part of our being.

    The BIG DOG wins or Dies.

    Bleeding heart Liberals do not like this outlook, but that is because none of them will ever make "BIG DOG" status and they are happy sniffing at the heels of the pack and on occasion attacking the Warriors of the Clan. In addition they take scraps of food and continue being happy sniffing the anus of real power. Ask Monica and Bill they understand and are the proof of what happens when you make mistakes in front of the "BIG DOGS".

    Always has been this way, always will, or untill the inbreeding kills us off or changes DNA.

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    Yeah I agree, that whole thing is still in the DNA but there is a whole other dimension when you add the reasoning and intelligence factor into the mix. That is what allows the physically weak to rule the physically strong and vice versa with brain power. It is not enough to be an alpha male but instead to understand how an alpha male can be a state of mind, not a physical characteristic or strength. This is true more than you know. More than most people know. Only when you see it in action can you truly understand the magnitude of it.
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    No disagreement from me.

    Big Dog just means ruling class to me and any way they can, not just with physical strength.

    I once ran a series of "BIG DOG" test in a set of underground pedestrian tunnels in a major metro area. It was easy to see who was alpha in a group, it was also easy to see how that alpha and group either bullied or allowed others to pass depending on clothes and demeanor.

    Time of day, number of mature males and if they were in work clothes made a big difference. Even though it was underground and lighted by lamps the later it got the LESS pushy the suits got. I guess they tied in time of day with their perceived power in the company for which they worked. This says to me that they had pretty low self esteem unless they were on the clock for a company. Fact is the folks in working clothes were the most polite and those in SUITS the most rude and pushy. No doubt which group I'll run with if the times turn bad. Anyway I figure the Suits will be crowded on the lamp posts.

    The real TELL on this was when construction narrowed the tunnels to less than a two way path. Like rats in a cage. It got kind of interesting a couple of times when shoulders slammed into one another as a Suit thought a working man should give way. If I was dressed up a bit it had more to do with major eye contact and no BS walk.

    Turned out to be a bit of fun since I'm not into giving way and I already knew what I was going to do.
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    Sounds like a Masters Thesis, in Psychology, I read, back in the day.....
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    Ah, but it's the quiet man (or woman) that is the most dangerous. Dare i say prepared and dressing down?
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    Nope just a poor boy's need to confirm what he thought and a way to learn about the other animals in the hood.

    Pretty good way for a Scout Sniper to ID the BIG DOG too.

    But I'm not that either, but I have had to make real world decisions on occasion to protect those of whom I served with.

    Sailors Rest Your Oars
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    Ghost work is the best kind of work.
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    Did you also patrol the tunnels in Houston in the 70-90s?
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    Nope, never been to Houston.... San Antonio for a week in a Computer Class, and Austin to visit GrandKids... Texas is to Dang Hot, for this Old Boy.... Anything above 60F is broiled....
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