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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tracy, Oct 17, 2006.

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    Thought I'd share a bit of Central Oregon with you. I've spent the past few weekends there, loving every bit of the solitude and beauty. I saw lots of deer and a bear the 2 weekends I didn't bring the camera (go figure!)

    The Painted Hills:
    The colors are so vivid, the photos don't do them justice.

    Lil House (+80acres) I've been helping get ready for sale:
    Trees down at the creek:
    Sunset from the front yard:
    Storm's a brewin' (driveway view)

    View on the drive westward (home)
    CentralOR2006_1014(008).JPG CentralOR2006_1014(004).JPG CentralOR2006_1014(029).JPG CentralOR2006_1015(011).JPG CentralOR2006_1015(021).JPG CentralOR2006_1015(027).JPG CentralOR2006_1015(006).JPG CentralOR2006_1014(043).JPG CentralOR2006_1014(005).JPG
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    Very Nice Tracy I was there this summer driving by going home froma job.
    They are very beautiful. that house looks familiar Mitchell Dayville area?
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    Tracy, Here's one I took at the lake I fish at here in Ohio. Thought you might like it. I have more but I'd post them on my own thread instead of doing a hijack.
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    I remember reading about the painted hills...

    ok...I'll fess up..I had never been off the East Coast of this country until 5 yrs ago....Been to Europe, and down island...but never anywhere here!

    When I rode from Southern California in to Nevada? Ummm...I had NO idea the desert wasn't FLAT....:eek:

    I thought it was like in "Peanuts"...flat....duh.

    It was something else....especially being out there at night where there were NO cars or traffic...and just listening..and watching the sky....


    Now I need to see the Redwoods....

    that's next on my to do list...

    Thanks Tracy! Beautiful...! :)
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