In Liberal Vermont, a Secession Movement Rises

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    Unlikely coalition has a voice in state politics


    (Newser) – It's not only Texans: A small but dedicated band of Vermont activists also want to secede from the Union, reports. Railing at the effects of big business and bureaucracy on daily life, they speak at the state legislature, get bills introduced, and run candidates—though none so far have won. What marks this unlikely group of socialists, professors, lumberjacks, and gun fanatics (among others) is their fierce spirit of independence: "Left or right," says a leader of the movement, "who wants to be associated with such a shabby creature as the United States?" Among their grievances:
    • Canadian companies own state hydroelectric plants to produce energy for export
    • Timber sent to China so locals can buy it back on credit as "shoddy" furniture
    • Vermont drinking water sold for pennies on the dollar and sold back in bottles at double the price of gasoline
    Even leading "seceshers" realize the feds will oppose secession, so they're promoting a gradual withdrawal of nullifying federal laws and embracing local economics. Their latest litmus test: Residents' hard work recovering from Hurricane Irene before FEMA showed up. "There was palpable pride in the town and its people and a distinct we-ain’t-waitin'-for-no-gubmint attitude," said one resident. "We could have easily continued for several more weeks and longer."

    In Liberal Vermont, a Secession Movement Rises - Unlikely coalition has a voice in state politics
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    I thought this was about the dang yuppies from Killington who wanted to join the state of New Hampshire. Secessionist movements up here are an on-again, off-again kinda thing.

    I'd like to see one gain some real traction for once.
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    Slow and steady is how the government killed this nation and its states, so they may not have the luxury of time, but every little bit helps. If you can't move the people of the nation as a whole, then try moving to action the people of your state.
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    Check out Texas. Their latest move: their own gold repository. Texas has been a slow-but-steady secession movement since they were annexed.
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    And some people wonder why the largest number of micronations in the world is in the U.S.
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    It might well be the one thing that keeps our country from being completely unrecognizable once the dust settles. At least some of the states, anyways.
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    they overwhelmingly voted in Obammy in 2008 & 12 .... these are the people that are creating the problem ...... Obammy couldn't get elected or re-elected without the liberal white vote .... sorry but you need to live where you crapped
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    On the surface that appears to be true, but in reality the people's vote counts for nothing. The only thing voting does in America is grant legitimacy to a decision which has already been made. The delegates have long been controlled, and in this past election even censored and bullied (Ron Paul delegates primarily). Then we have electronic voting and vote tampering to deceased and illegals voting --this alone proves how ridiculous voting has become. At the end of the day, the "power to vote" equals nothing except a talking point for the Zionist corporate media.

    But, yes --the people are still the problem. Either it's through their indifference or ignorance, this is the bed they have made.
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    It's neither indifference or ignorance, it's inertia, which is more deadly than either.
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    LOL yes, the gravity of peer pressure and mindshare propaganda mixed with the steady stream of double think. But seriously, this inertia you speak of was brought on by ignorance, and through their unwillingness to change, we have what we have. It's like fear and anger. If one allows fear to take hold, it eventually leads to anger, frustration and hatred. The media loves to tell people who they ought to hate. Nobody ever seems to look at government and say, "you know what? It's all wrong. Let's burn this sh*t down." People can get caught up in the moment, sure. I suppose the "inertia" of life inside a despotic ruled culture does create havoc. I just see that as more of an effect than a primary cause.
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    It's also the mind-numbing effect of inane cartoons, reality TV, and propaganda masquerading as 'news', encouraging them not to think.
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