In Memory of those who made all of this possible...

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Witch Doctor 01, May 30, 2016.

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    Amidst all that's wrong think of all that's right. And then remember those who gave all so we might have it. I salute you. [salute] and hope to see some of you again someday.
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    I always attend a Memorial Day service. At one point in the service they ask us to thank those around us that have served. Memorial Day is a day to honor those that have fallen but many also thank those alive. Some vets get offended when thanked on Memorial Day and some appreciate any acknowledgement they receive. I thought this was an interesting perspective:

    To those fallen warriors, thank you.
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    It's a shame that most Americans seem to forget what Memorial day is about. To them it's just an extra day off to go to the beach without so much as a thought given to those who made their freedoms possible.
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    To all of those who fought for America's freedom and sacrificed all, and to all those who served in our nations defense..... Thank you.

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    Thank You for preserving my freedom and for paying the price for it. I have not forgotten. And I shall never forget.
    For those that stand now I salute you, and to those that have fallen ! May we always remember what freedom costs !
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    God Bless all our fallen heros.
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    Krangi War Cemetary2.
    Foreign final resting places. We have some here, in Singapore.
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    Rest in peace my Brothers and Sisters.
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    As is often said the heroes are here.

    American Battle Monuments Commission

    • World War I
    • World War II
    • [​IMG]
    Department of Veterans Affairs Cemetery Listing - National Cemetery Administration

    Father, Grandfather and uncles here WW 1 & WW 2.

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    Thank you for a wonderful resource and for your family's service.
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    If the barbarians ever try and defile the graves of our vets/heroes the 82nd/101st/Big Red One what ever it takes.. should secure the areas and the bring our vets back home.
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    and how many have said welcome back to those hero,s ----I do every time I go to the va .it means so much to them
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    A bit late, I'm sorry.

    But, thank you.
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    Henry Knox

    Nathanael Greene

    John Stark

    Daniel Morgan

    Anthony Wayne

    As well as all who fought (and still fight) in the war against King George.
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    I'll be at Willamette National visiting Mom and Dad
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    Has it been a year already?

    How am I not dead?
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