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    The underpinnings of our economy have been so successfully eroded by the liberal/socialist/commie "Spendocrats" to the extent that the Obimination and his fellow Trotsky Travelers will either have a QE-3 or they will tacitly cause/enable a false flag war in September-October just as LBJ did with the Gulf of Tonkin ruse to get us into a no-win war to "cure" our sagging economy then. Study history- the wheel always comes back around. Suggest we prep and plan accordingly.

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    Man, I've heard of all of this before.. But its hitting me hard this morning, guess with all the crap in the market and such its coming together..

    I gotta unplug and go play with my dog and cheer up.
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    well, had a special 2hrs of worry free.. come back, turn the TV on, and the dow has plunged 250pts since I turned it off..

    I notified the guy that I'm buying ammo from this afternoon and he told me the agreed upon price has just gone up 60% for inflation.. lol

    its only getting better, isnt it? lol
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