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    In Support of Torservers
    ssteele July 05, 2018

    The Tor Project gives our complete support to Torservers in their mission. They have done amazing work growing the Tor network by running relays of all types and have helped us meet growing traffic demands for private and censorship-resistant access to the internet.

    Torservers and their parent nonprofit Zwiebelfreunde also support other important groups that are part of the Internet Freedom movement. They play an integral role in making, and keeping, our community strong.

    We find the recent detention of Moritz Bartl, Juris Vetra, and Jens Kubiziel of Zwiebelfreunde to be scary, outrageous, and unwarranted, and we continue to offer them our support.

    The Tor Project is committed to maintaining a healthy environment for our community members, employees, and anyone working to ensure the internet is open and welcoming to all. We cannot give detailed accounts of personnel matters, but an incident occurred in the aftermath of this news that the Tor Project, Inc., considers unacceptable. We will not tolerate public, verbal attacks on community members and have resolved this issue according to company policy.

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