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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Ladyhawke, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Good Point!


    You are absolutely on point. Lots of those apps do collect info about the user; that info is a highly marketable commodity.
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    I love my cell phone. old motorola, pretty much useless. pre gps, pre smart phone, and still available on ebay for like 10 bucks or less. just keep swapping sim cards.

    good luck trying to track me. I can hardly ever get a signal to even make a call.

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    [beer] Yeah, I have become accustomed to disposable cellphones.
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    I would suggest everyone read the article the O.P. referenced. When you are done, spread it to everyone you know. Prepper or not. We have to stop this crap now or we are screwed.
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    I also saw something about facebook and the tagging of photos. They are now offering suggestions about people in the pictures you upload to "help you" tag your friends more easily. I believe they are using facial recognition to do this, but I haven't researched enough yet.
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    My own belief is that if you are a member of any of the social medias, you are an idiot. Sorry.
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    I am beginning to agree, but you also need to worry about all your friends and family too...especially with the photo tagging and giving out of information
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    I tried the Farcebook thing, cause all my real live 'friends' said, "Oh! You HAVE to have FB! We all keep contact by FB!"

    Shoot..... I ended up with a bunch of people on there I never heard of, and my real 'friends' hardly talk at all......

    I cancelled it.

    I prefer my simple & stupid little Nokia 'pay as you go' cell phone (no camera, no internut - just a 'phone'!), and E-mail.... or go really 'old school and actually VISIT them!!
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    I have a facebook account that I check every few days just to see what my siblings/nieces & nephews/etc are up to. I don't think it's dangerous, just so long as you be careful what you say and what info you post.

    Just don't post stupid things like: "The wife and I are taking the kids to Chucky Cheese so we'll be away from home all evening" and don't post all your favorite books/movies/quotes etc.

    Honestly, though, even this forum is probably being downloaded and organized by a supercomputer somewhere. A computer that can connect profiles on here to names and accounts elsewhere by checking the IP address. In fact, it's possible the government already has a file on you with every post you've ever made and everything you've ever done on the internet.

    2010 is the new 1984.
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    Data mining and collection, profiling, whatever you want to call it has been going on for years. Way before the internet came along. I and others were scoffed at and called conspiracy theorists years ago for sounding the alarm on government programs like Echelon and Carnivore.
    The internet just makes it easier. There are files on every one of us somewhere.
    Remember that the internet was developed by and for military and govt use.
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    Even your tv collects info... With dvr technology your cable company can see what you watch and when you watch it.
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    What about credit,rewards and rental membership cards ? That info is all tracked ...they say it's not but i don't buy it ...companies spend millions on market research.I have worked in the past for a few rather large retailers who shall remain nameless.They shell out top dollar to track people's spending and interests.If anyone doubts this you can try an experiment for yourself ...go to your youtube account and look up some videos you would not normally look at.Example ...if you only listen to country look up a dozen or so techno or disco songs and you can watch youtube make " suggested videos " recommendations.
    You say so what Turtle !
    Well if youtube can track viewing habits ...companies can track your spending...or so could the govt.Now personally it doesn't bother me if the govt knows i use my CC for groceries...but your CC could also be used to track what kind of preps you might have charged on there.
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    Just go 'online' these days, and you see ads targeted to YOU! Any products you have bought, you will see those same types advertised on your screen. Ads about deals in your town. Especially if you buy online - you just went into somebody's database, and they share and sell that info.

    We are ALL tagged seven ways fron Sunday. Adding RFIDs and 'smart' ID cards is just icing on the cake.
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    That was exactly my point.RFID by itself is not so much a problem.Many shipping companies and warehouses use it to track and streamline shipments for better inventory control.I just don't want one on my cell phone,etc.
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