India: Power Outage For 670 Million, Now This Is Living Off-grid!

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by TheEconomist, Jul 31, 2012.

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    I searched the site for stories about this but didn't see anything from a basic search.

    India is in the midst of the TWO largest power outages in the history of the world. Their outdated infrastructure is failing and leaving a population TWICE the size of the united states without power.

    Above is a great source of continuing information on what is happening over there.

    I find it interesting how everything has stopped over there. Tax deadlines have been pushed back a month, people are stranded in the middle of deserts on trains and they are having trouble getting them food and water, they are in the middle of a monsoon's DRY season and people can't stay cool, miners are trapped in mines and they are rushing to get generators to them to bring them up. This is a major disaster and we should all take notice.

    I have just started reading deeply into this but I posted it in off grid living because that is exactly what these people are doing. I am sure there will be a lot to learn.
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    Guess this means we had better not call Micro Soft for tech assistance.....
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    Have you seen photos of the Indian city streets and the massive tangle if power and phone wires? Amazing it works at all. At least most corporate offices have backup generators. Many homes only get power a couple of hours per day on a rotation schedule even in the best conditions.
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    You may get fewer "Free Offers" phone call in the next few days
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    As funny as it is to laugh about on our side of the pond, 670 million people in the middle of the summer are in the middle of a SHTF event. These are people, human beings and the suffering in the big cities (where they rely on electricity just like the majority of us) if they don't get it back on pdq is going to be pretty bad.
    And I just got off the phone with MS support to have a mouse replaced...she was either in the US or in Canada and quite pleasant. :)
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    670 million..... More then twice the population of the entire U.S. Makes you wonder what they do with all their money. Besides making nukes and missills
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    They buy Gold, for their Women......
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    Oh, I don't wonder...their government is at least as corrupt as ours. So are their corporations...and people being people their citizens are selfish, just like we are. Like the gold for their women. Hey, I like the gold on MY woman!
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    Of the 670 million affected, a full 30% have no service at all - every day.

    The electricity sector in India had an installed capacity of 202.98 Gigawatt (GW) as of May 2012, the world's fifth largest. Captive power plants generate an additional 31.5 GW. Thermal power plants constitute 66% of the installed capacity, hydroelectric about 19% and rest being a combination of wind, small hydro, biomass, waste-to-electricity, and nuclear. India generated 855 BU electricity during 2011-12 fiscal.
    In terms of fuel, coal-fired plants account for 56% of India's installed electricity capacity, compared to South Africa's 92%; China's 77%; and Australia's 76%. After coal, renewal hydropower accounts for 19%, renewable energy for 12% and natural gas for about 9%.
    In December 2011, over 300 million Indian citizens had no access to electricity. Over one third of India's rural population lacked electricity, as did 6% of the urban population. Of those who did have access to electricity in India, the supply was intermittent and unreliable. In 2010, blackouts and power shedding interrupted irrigation and manufacturing across the country

    And all of this comes at a cost for all of us. This photo shows

    the sheer amount of crap Indian power plants, cook fires and smog spew into the air is almost past belief... And it impacts on our air quality. Throw in the gunk put out by the Chinese and it makes quite the mess.
    The_Dark_Side_of_Carbon. The_Dark_Side_of_Carbon.
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    just another note about india. .... when that world map was up showing gun deaths, population, guns in civilian hands, etc etc, I noted that India is every bit as blood thirsty as America is said to be. They have double our population, less guns per 100,000, and double our homicide numbers. So, it ain't guns that control the murder numbers, it's the people that make up the society, and the percentage of that society who are anti-social and prone to murder and mayhem. just saying
    About the power thing ..... supposedly this was caused by India going green and shutting down a number of coal mines and also taking a number of coal powerred power plants off their grid.
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    Im not so sure that the 670 million is including the 300 million that do not have service regularly. We are talking about regions of the country that are more developed losing power. If my thinking is corrected that would make 970 million without power...pretty staggering. Maybe the 300 million that never have it can teach the 670 million who sometimes do how to get on without it.
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    India's current population is 1.22 billion
  13. TheEconomist

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