Inflation has arrived in Aisle 3

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by VisuTrac, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. VisuTrac

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    Well, Inflation has shown up in SE Michigan with a vengeance :
    In the past month gas has gone up .25 cents a gallon to 4.25
    Milk has gone from 1.99 to being on sale at 2.49 (2.99 w/o loyalty card). Bacon for the cheapest store brand from 3.99 per pound to 3.99 per 12oz (cut package size by 25% and 4.29 w/o card). Bread store brand from 2.49 to 3.19. Cheese 1# store brand, 2.49 to being on sale for 4.29 OMG. Canned veg/soups have gone up about a dime to maybe a quarter each. Frozen Pizza and frozen veg up about .25 cents.

    So, when the FED ( [AH] ) says Core inflation is at an acceptable level just remember they exclude food and energy. Looks like my SS paycheck holiday is being eaten up by increases in the Non Core Inflation Items.

    Thank goodness the garden has doubled in size from last year and the piggies 'PorkChop' & 'Applesauce' [drooling]are being picked up today. (was going to name them H1 and N1 but i was over ridden by the family vote)

    Happy 2011 can't wait until 2012!
  2. Spartan300

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    Yeah, when they exclude food and energy that kind of excludes everything we buy huh? Lol. I am sure our leaders will take care of us......they have our best interests in mind.
  3. VisuTrac

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    Funny thing happened at the farm....

    Well, it seems that they had 3 little piggies. They all looked so yummy oops, i mean cute that I had to take them all. So we needed to change the naming convention. So the pigs formerly known as porkchops and applesauce are now called Straw,Sticks and Bricks. I still want to call them dinner. [drooling]

    And yes inflation has arrived at the stock yard too. lil' piggies are up 25 percent over 2 years ago.
  4. radpug

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    Car insurance has gone up as well, no reason I can see. Different companys and people.
    Milk was 3.20 yesterday, bread up another .19 a loaf
  5. Pax Mentis

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    Since I was just reading that corn was up 50% due to ethanol subsidies, I would hazard to say big piggies are up even more...

  6. Seacowboys

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    I went to the store to buy some catfish and was told that the reason it had gone to $8.00 a pound was that catfish farms have closed down? Chickens were $7.99 for a cooked rotisserie chicken or a regular raw one? Everything has gone up except income. I spent $85.00 at the gas pump this morning.I think Obama better send some funds this way instead of taking them to give to those less fortunate or I'll just quit. I' getting awfully tired of them pissing up my leg and telling me it's raining.
  7. cdwoods

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    Cost Up Everywhere

    I understand that as time goes by, cost do increase, however our economy is so screwed up, our financial system is upside down and to beat everything else we are so far in debt that our grandchildren will be paying it off. I do not know how much worst this will get, nor do I know how normal people are going to survive, but I do know how I will vote in 2012. For now, I believe the barter system between friends and small communities may be our near future.
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