Inflation--Just the Beginning?

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Spartan300, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Our coveted leaders in Washington told us just a few months ago there would be no inflation right? Sure thing. You guys know it has already started if you have purchased anything at all in the last few weeks. Gas, diesel, tires, groceries, tools, lumber, you name it! Even the CEO of Wally World is warning about it. Keep on prepping, keep on getting out of fast as you can.
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    Yep. It is April 3, 2011 and gas price was 3.73 for regular in my area. Noticed that one of the bags of beans I like to pick up (25 lb) went from 14.75 to 16.75 recently. Starting to see rising prices on everything else. Looks like we are in for some hard times .... prep while you can.

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    Man, Rice is 25.00 for 50 lbs! Gas is 3.60 a gal here. We are going to walk like Egyptians soon.
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    The reality of inflation hit hard last night.

    Yesterday I went shopping. I've been prepping a while now and don't go to the store as often as I did in the past. I expected to spend a bit more than I had and afterwards I was thinking, "It was not as bad as I thought it would be." Yeah I did spend a bit more and there were some things I didn't get I normally would have but no big deal.

    Later in the evening I decided to enjoy one of the ice cream bars I hadsplurged and bought a box of. I went and opened the box, reached in and was shocked by what I found. The individual packages were much smaller than before. When I opened it I could scarcely believe how pathetic this thing looked. It looks like it is less than half the size it was a few months ago and just looks so strange.

    You know it is happening, you see it all around you, hear about it in the news, read of it online and you think you get it until something so simple puts it in your face just how bad inflation really is.
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    Crawfish are going for a $ 1:50 a pound..Live...I'm going to buy some trap's soon...
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    Inflation started a couple of years ago The rate has been held down by declining real estate prices. When housing stabilizes or starts to recover the inflation rate will no longer be concealable by the gov.
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    Everything is either increasing in price or the quantity is shrinking.

    Welcome to 0bama-nomics.
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    Not to be negative or anything...but "inflation" began the moment we started using private banking and accepted a form of usury in place of a debt free greenback currency. Since 1913 we have incurred increasing debt -look at the charts.

    Historical Inflation data from 1914 to the present

    You see, incrementalism is no joke. Sure, some people are only beginning to see some of the effects now for whatever reason; but we have been in the kettle on slow boil for quite a long time now. Every generation sees the effects of a festering, malignant economy, and they all end up just coping with the problems. Now that we are finally reaching critical mass, and since we are in our death-throes as a nation, it is no wonder why more are sounding the alarms.

    "Inflation" is just the inevitable result of increased government (which equals increased spending and corruption and wars for profit), decreased vigilance on the part of the people, a debt-laden FIAT monetary system, and purposeful aggregation of wealth into the hands of the corporations. It's a tax on the serfs -and this amounts to slavery.
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    Me and Mrs. S have noticed the reduction in quantity as well. Just because a product is in a one gallon jug or a 30 oz. package does not mean you are getting that much inside. Food and fuel continue to rise with crude over 108.00 per bbl now. Bad deal.
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    I still get confused over the definition of inflation. Seems like what everyone here is talking about is prices going up - Can't argue with what is mentioned above. However, prices of housing going down is that inflation or deflation.

    I like the older definition which relates to the amount of money (and more importantly credit) in circulation. This appears to be decreasing, hence Helicopter Ben and the QE1 and QE2 injections.

    If you get into a discussion about inflation always try to clarify if you are talking about 'price inflation' or 'monetary inflation'.

    It is quite possible (and I think we're in it) where we have a 'price inflation' for the things we need (food, fuel) and 'monetary deflation' where credit is being sucked out of the system (think loans to small businesses).

    So less money and credit in the system and a higher price for the things we need. Not good really.
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