Info needed for a fire protection foam, from a old TV show

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    With the Colorado Springs wildfires and the others I must say that this all sucks for all involved, I hope there is rain and control over this.

    I again am asking if anyone remembers a TV show from years ago that showed a home made foam fire protection mix that was shown on a "discovery" type show that showed a foam made from dish soap and corn starch, mixed into a frothy foam and sprayed onto what ever needs to be protected.
    They tested it with a fire crew and truck, the test was on a 4x8 sheet of plywood and covered half with the foam and hit it with a flame thrower. they watched it burn the left side off and then scraped the foam off the right side and it was still cool. the fire crew were very impressed.
    The fire crew had the foam on the truck when they were fighting a forest fire and they had to evacuate a family, so they used the foam on the house, and car and trees and yard and then they left it all for the fire.
    When they returned the house and everything was still covered with the foam, and 100% OK. the forest that surrounded the house was gone.

    I would like to find the info, and build a small cart to have an emergency forest fire protection system for the house and barn ect. I have a house next to 6 ackers of pine trees, so I wish to have more than a garden hose if there is forest fire close by.
    If this info could be found it would be easy to make/assemble a mixer and pump to spray the foam.
    I may start to try to use trial and error to get a mix that will have a foam that will stay for days and still be fire proof and have holding strength against wind.

    If any one knows anything about this please post, this info could help a lot of people that are in harms way with the fires this year.
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    tagged, very interested as well
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    try this.... not sure its what you wanted....
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