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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Apr 8, 2009.

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    More of our great unbiased media!!!
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    I thought John Stossel was reporting on that special? I could have sworn that's who's name they put on the tv commertial... Don't tell me they pulled a fast one, because I always thought Mr Stossel is usually pretty straight up (as much as a media personality can be).
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    I watched it tonight. Wanted to see what it would be. Pretty much what I expected. Blatant propaganda to stir the sheep up and press the case for "needed" gun control. Saw the same thing in the 90's. A propaganda blitz to prepare the masses to accept more freedom depriving, non-sensical and ineffective restrictions. Played on the emotions with people who had been victims of "evil" guns. Same kind of stuff they did after Colombine.

    Had the brother of a murdered Virginia Tech student going to a gun show and buying guns from private sales. Went on and on about the mythical "gun show loophole". They did at least mention that the killer bought his weapon from a dealer and had to do a NICS check. No mention of how many times a gun deters a crime without ever being fired. Had some bogus demos of shooting situations where the armed citizen was "ineffective" in stopping the shooter. They didn't mention all of the people who ran out of the room as the shooter was occupied with the armed citizen.

    And of course ended with the lie of how the public is demanding that the government "do something".
    Setting the stage. I would bet that we see a lot more of these propaganda shows in the near future.

    One interesting line, at the end of the program Diane Sawyer makes the statement that "We couldn't find any reliable studies that showed firearms were used successfully in self defense. And the ones we did find were contradictory." Huh? Couldn't find any, but the ones we did find.. OK which is it? Contradictory meaning it dispelled thier whole premise?

    Also had a not so subtle jab at the NRA's "Eddie Eagle" gun education program.
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