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    One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Thanks to this insanity, the Republicans are about to be given another chance at power - a chance they have not earned, that they do not deserve.

    It's like a cartoon. The Republicans are Lucy and the voters are Charlie Brown. That football will be yanked away again, just the moment we give them our trust. I guarantee it.

    So why vote? Sure, we have a distinct left and right wing in politics, but can't everyone see it's the same bird?

    It's high time Americans stop to reflect on the "four boxes of liberty" and which boxes still have some utility at this late hour.

    The soap box (the First Amendment) is not one to be given up under any circumstances, but it's usefulness pales when, as now, the government simply doesn't listen. It is undeniable that no one of importance in the District of Corruption has much time for listening anymore - particularly to us little people out here in flyover country.

    The ballot box is equally precious and equally compromised. Blatant voter intimidation and fraud goes not just unpunished, but un-noted. The arrogance of Obama and the Dhimmicrats goes beyond his personal narcissism and their vast power - it stems as well from their plans to pass "comprehensive immigration reform" and thus never face a fair election again.

    The jury box might still be reclaimed, if Americans would just wake to their power to judge not only the guilt of the accused but the validity of the law itself. Clearly, the Founders intended this as a safeguard against the breakdown of representation over time - a concern which has proved quite prescient. Jury Nullification is really just another voting arrow in our quiver, enabling us to vote against any law we don't like even after our representatives have acted against our own interests in passing it. Nullification could be of considerable importance in a time when the elected class has stopped listening altogether, if only we knew it was there.

    Last on the list is the cartridge box. Our right to revolution is expressed in the Declaration of Independence itself. The Declaration notes the self evident truth that man is endowed by his Creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are life itself and liberty. (In the legal sense, alienable means salable or transferable, so unalienable literally means not transferable. An unalienable right is one that cannot be taken away.)

    After establishing that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental rights, the Founders state "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." (Then we threw the bastards out. The Revolutionary War was so named for a good reason...)

    Shortly after the war came the writing of the Constitution and the bill of Rights. While flawed (another subject entirely!) it remains the most radical blueprint for the government of a nation in history, in that it severely limits the scope and powers of government. The Founders deliberately inserted several ways for perpetual revolution: Free speech. Unhindered assembly. A free press. Petition. Elections. Jury nullification. (The only peril they could not guard against was our own apathy, which is precisely where the train went off the tracks. More on that in a bit.)

    The cartridge box - our ULTIMATE right to revolution - was enshrined in law as the Second Amendment. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. These words, taken in their meanings at the time (original intent) establish a philosophy of rebelliousness. A militia is the people, well regulated meant well trained and a free State was just that - a State that was not under the thumb of the newly created Federal government and could potentially go to war against other states or the Feds. The right was expressed after the philosophy - the right of the people - to keep (own) and bear (carry) guns.

    Although Acton's words weren't penned until a century later, the Founders understood all too well the tendency of power to corrupt. They clearly hoped we'd remain vigilant against usurpers of our rights and that we'd drag any and all of the tools out of the tool box whenever needed to preserve what their generation fought and died for.

    Unfortunately, human nature prevailed over time. The people indeed became apathetic - indifferent if not altogether blind to the usurpation of our natural rights, and likewise to the threat of ever growing (and illegal) Federal power.

    Too many of us came to feed at the resulting government trough, and I'm not just talking about welfare/entitlement recipients. Many businesses and all professions are likewise beneficiaries of government, using it to maximize revenue and/or to minimize competition. Also, too many looked the other way as we were colonized with a new kind of immigrant that also chose to feed at that trough and votes accordingly.

    When it comes to a vote, it is likely that these various groups of feeders now form the majority. Which side are you really on? Are you a senior unwilling to acknowledge the unconstitutionality of Social Security and Medicare? Are you an accountant, doctor or lawyer who owes his nice income to government regulated monopolies? Are you a government bureaucrat? Do you owe your job to compliance burdens even though you work in private industry? Are you on welfare? Do you vote for your own gain or the good of the nation?

    We face the new slavery of big government socialism, which enslaves one and all on intellectual and economic plantations built on lies and fake money. The rising misery that results is already undeniable, and can only grow worse. I suspect that things are such a mess today that our only path is forward, through an economic collapse made of trillions of free lunches. Thus, the time is likley drawing near where the cartridge box must once again be employed.

    This next fight will be a combination of the two major domestic wars we've already fought in our short history - a revolution and a parallel civil war. This time, we will fight not just FOR liberty but also AGAINST our own slavery - that second fight being as much against our own countrymen as against the king.

    Which side are you really on? Are you a senior unwilling to acknowledge the unconstitutionality of Social Security and Medicare? Are you an accountant, doctor or lawyer who owes his nice income to government granted monopolies and cartels? Are you a government bureaucrat? Do you owe your job to compliance burdens even though you work in private industry? Are you on welfare? Do you vote for your own gain or the good of the nation? Or, like many on the left today, do you simply vote against your nation?

    These questions matter, and even a lot of so called conservatives have some real soul searching to do, and quickly. That beats the predicament of today's liberals, who have nothing left to them but shame.

    And here we are. We've come nearly full circle on the Fatal Sequence:

    From Bondage to Spiritual Faith;
    From Spiritual Faith to Courage;
    From Courage to Freedom;
    From Freedom to Abundance;
    From Abundance to Selfishness;
    From Selfishness to Complacency;
    From Complacency to Apathy;
    From Apathy to Fear;
    From Fear to Dependency...

    All that's left to us is to move from Dependency back into Bondage from whence we came. The insanity of our comprehensive apathy has produced widespread dependence on a government completely indifferent to us. Now the insanity of our meaningless voting can only be followed by the insanity of war - a fight to retake a precious gift we cast aside with too little thought.[​IMG]

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