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  2. Blackjack

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    That's some of the most screwed up crap I've ever read......

    To recap for everyone:

    A 10 year old boy dying of cancer gets his last wish of going bear hunting in canada with his father. He kills a bear, and he himself dies before he gets home.

    Some of the comments:

    "i bet the bear wishes he'd died on the way up instead but,alas, he won't kill anything else. If I believed in the heaven/hell theory, I'd hope there was a special hell for both his parents and him as well".

    "I can only hope the boy's death was a painful one. If you think about it though, this story has a somewhat happy ending. A young boy dying; therefore he can not grow up, spawn some other mutant losers and teach them how to hunt. I wonder how satan is treating him"?

    "Had this kid grown up...pretty sure he would have loved hunting and therefore...well, God called him back before he could make any more damages to his creation...lets be positive".

    "I also hope that that bear lived a good few years too before his life was taken away from him by some murdering piece of scum.
    Sorry, no pity for the boy"

    "We could use his body for fuel....burn it just like what his soul is doing in hell right now".

    "If I ever get anything terminal then I want my last wish to be to shoot a hunter, afterall if this boy had a "right to have his last wish fulfilled" then so should I"
  3. Tracy

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    You're right, Quig; blood is boiling for sure!

    Some of the comments from those who are "brainstorming animal rights" are frightening. How could one claim to defend an animal while wishing another (man-animal) dead?

    Now, on the same topic, but from the Nice-News-Network (me): My dad was unable to use both his deer and elk tags this year, due to an injury. He was able to donate them and allow the Make a Wish Foundation to give a terminally-ill child their dream hunt. So, though he can't tag 'em himself, he's set a little one up for the hunt of a lifetime, and I think he's just as excited about it as he was about going. I was very proud of him for finding that avenue, as I didn't even know there was a call for it.
  4. Clyde

    Clyde Jet Set Tourer Administrator Founding Member Chicago and time for dinner. Had a great lamb stew for lunch at an irish bar (6 guiness helped extend the afternoon) and now its for for a big fat steak/lamb chops or other tasty animal. I love ALF. They make me hungry. Vegans Rock! More meat for me. In the vent of economic collapse, vegans may be able to double as "chattel". Probably highly edible.
  5. monkeyman

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    I wonder if they would appreciate a copy of a butchering tutorial?[troll]
  6. andy

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    wow i'm truly speachless
  7. fritz_monroe

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    I'm not a hunter, but I have no problem with you hunting. The responses are amazing, what a bunch of hyprocrites. I bet at least some of the people responding eat meat.
  8. pgrass101

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    If God didn't want us to eat anilmals they wouldn't taste so good.
  9. wildernessgal

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    Don't worry as those those "sheeple" won't be around long or last when T.S.H.T.F. LOL They are so unreal... "Politically Correct Hypocrites" Bah Humbug!!!


    P.S.- pgrass101 I LOVE your above comment! ha,ha,ha
  10. pizzamonkey

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    After reading what they have to say ,,,makes me wanna kill acouple more deer and ask em all over for dinner to talk about what a bunch of nut cases they are.
  11. Tango3

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    cornfed vegan must taste pretty good,huh?
  12. MbRodge

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    If there had been an animal representative at the signing of the constitution then I might believe they had "rights." Should we have an animal court now and try a bobcat for murder when it kills and eats a rabbit? Involuntary manslaughter when a horse steps on a mouse? I still say the greatest man in history was the anonymous individual who first realized that cows were made out of STEAK!
  13. Mountainman

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    Those comments are unbelievable. I think those POS people should be put out for bear bait, but I’ll bet bears don’t eat shit like them!!!
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