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    Anyone else have insomnia? Yeah posting this at 3:00 in the morning, If ya aint a whore, thief, or have to work vampire hours you'll be reading this in the daytime. I have tried all sorts of drugs foods and exercise but it doe'snt work. I ran three miles this evening and split a little bit of wood, but I'm still up. Other than drinking to much I hav'nt found anything that puts me down, even good ol sex!
  3. dragonfly

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    I can't help ya...i am up down back forth sideways never get it together these days...I lay down, and the mind just keeps running, even faster it seems, as there are no distractions like: the dang dogs barking, the cats romping around, or a tv on....So I do what I can, while the roomy sleeps....But he has a job!
    I'm just the house sitter! It gets frustrating too...I have yet to find anything to help me sleep, so I lay down sometimes around 11p to 1p and then sleep to 8a or 9a. Then it starts all over again. I did once stay up as long as I could and went to bed at 10pm...I slept for a whopping 2 hours and was wide awake! It's weird!
  4. munchy

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    Know what ya mean I go 24-36 without sleepin somtimes. You would think that I would be down and out but no I wake up in 4! Then I sleep for 12 hours straight! God forbid they try to wake me as I still sleep light. I guess there is a reason a lot of my friends are bartenders!!
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  5. dragonfly

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    I considered "drinking" as a new HOBBY, but I just can't afford it!
    Insomniacs International...I like it!
    I worked many hours and many jobs where I was never sure of the time, as it was always dark! Now I'd like to have something to do!
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  6. RightHand

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    Bad sleeper here too. I've been that way all my life and it doesn't get any better as I get older. I, too, go 24 - 36 hrs without sleep. Finally dozed off in a chair at 5:30 this morning and got a few hours rest. Or I'll work late, get home at 3am and not be able to sleep until dawn. Or I'll sleep in 2 hour cycles - 2 up, 2 down. Never take drugs to sleep but when I got hurt last year and was on percocet, I sleep so well it became an attractive alternative
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    I was on soma, a muscle relaxer sometime back...Dr. refused to give me any more, so I went to the internet...It's amazing what you can buy! I got the soma for $95 for 90 pills, plus shipping and they lasted me for almost 2 1/2 years! I weaned myself off them, as I knew the day would come there would be no more and I had to overcome the need....Not an addiction as you figure how many times I used a pill for pain (only) when I really needed them. 90 pills in 2 1/2 years is certainly not what you'd call an addiction! I even took the bottle with the date issued and showed the DR. and I told him straight up, I wasn't there for drugs....I can get those! Who needs a prescription? I went for another reason,and he plied me wiht all kinds of in MORE drugs. I never filled the scripts! I have high blood pressure, I smoke, and I'm overweight by about 50lbs...( sitting does that) and I have high cholesterol other words: a walking heart attack! I get exercise, on occasion, ( why lie about it?) especially when outdoors up north...But I have problems sleeping up there too, as I can hear the diesel engines from the trains (miles away) throbbing in the night...drives me bonkers! I may try some "white noise" generating and see if that would help...I have tinitus too! I never can get anyone to answer that danged phone..... ringing all night!
  8. Opinionated

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    I go through cycles. Sometimes I can go a couple of months at a time sleeping like the dead. Even taking a nap during the day. Then for a while I can't go to sleep to save my soul, or I'll awake 50 times a night, with no nap during the day.

    'never been able to make any sense of the cycles. Completely unpredictable. [dunno]
  9. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Same problem I talked to my Dr about it and he told me about Prosome, now I wont take anything that disables me. First being LEO I have to jump and run alot in the night. Second I want hear what goes on around me and Im the type that hears a floor board squeek or the wind hit the door. It don't work all the time but a night or two a week it helps the good thing after you take it if you sleep one hour and wake up you are up there are no doped up affect its gone and you can function. My trouble is when I lay down a thousand tthings start to run through my head about work or home repairs or the Rossie Ranch Hand I want (lol) anyway it seem to help a little not alot.
  10. beast

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    ive slept 4 hours a night since birth
    occasionally i might get 6 to 8 but usually its 4
    sometimes when i was young id go 3 days without closing my eyes
    on those times i might sleep 10 to 12 hours
    i just got used to it and lived accordingly
    if i aint sleepy, i dont lay down, just a waste of time
  11. ghrit

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    A long time ago and far away, I had some problems with sleeping on command. Took a couple of months establishing a routine that put me out for as long as my carcass thought it needed, usually in the range of 6 to 7 hours. Said routine is resurrected on the very few times I'm not out within 3 minutes of head pillow contact, around twice a month. The secret is in forcing a concentrated thought process from whatever is bugging you to a relaxation routine, concentrating on one muscle group at a time, starting at the toes and taking enough time to cover all groups from toes to eyelids. (Haven't made it past calves in recent memory.)

    My ex used to be amazed at how fast I went out. Others have remarked on it along the way, too. Works for me, YMMV.
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  12. Tracy

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    I'll second ghrit's method (muscle focus/control/relaxation).

    A great mind stopper is a slow, boring, backwards count from 100, then up to 100 and back down again, if that's what it takes. Clear every other thought that pops in to distract you (but don't stop that slow count). I think this one works simply because I'll stop all other thoughts and I'm too bored with counting to stay awake.
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  13. RightHand

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    Those techniques work for short term problem sleep but some of us are not wired for the traditional 8 hrs and the problem comes when we try to force sleep on an unwilling body. I prefer to just get up and get some work done - much more productive and relaxing than struggling to give the body something it may not need. I prefer daily meditation to refresh my mind - much better than sleep and quicker too
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  14. dragonfly

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    One of my problems is staying asleep.. I can get to sleepfirst on my back, then roll to the right, then roll to the left, then fall asleep...IF for any reason I move, the honeymoon is over! The back and or legs and toes spasm from nerve damage, and I have to get up. It's like being asleep and someone comes along and zaps ya with one of those danged tazer things! It's a short fiery zap that once it begins, there is no stopping it...From the middle of the thighs to the calves to the toes and back up again! It's a real party animal! Somedays I'll take a step and go into a wall, as the leg just decides NOT to be there anymore... It's entertaining to say the least! If the nerves would sleep, so would I!
  15. goinpostal

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    Take two Melatonin,and call me in the morning!!
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  16. RightHand

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    Tried Melatonin for a couple months - let it build up in my system - no help at all
  17. Falcon15

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    Guys, guys...let me spell it out for you:
    Melatonin, 9mg at a TIME. The myth about "building" melatonin levels is just that a myth. Your body metabolizes 90% of all melatonin out of your system with one pass through your liver. The remainder of the un-metabolized melatonin is excreted in your urine. If 9mg of melatonin does not put you down for the count (and it is NON habit forming, non addictive), then you are doing too much cocaine. Seek professional help.
  18. RightHand

    RightHand Old Pioneer in a New World Moderator Founding Member

    Don't do cocaine and melatonin did not work for me - one size does not fit all
  19. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    Your dosage may have been too small for your needs. Were you taking 9 mg?
    (That was indeed a smart-alec remark, and was intended for humor, if I offended, I apologize).
  20. RightHand

    RightHand Old Pioneer in a New World Moderator Founding Member

    Apology accepted - and yes, I did 9mg. Have tried many remedies through the years - some get me to sleep but by the end of 2 hrs, I up and ready to get on with life.
  21. Falcon15

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    Reading this post inspired me to write a blog post (on blogger and here) so I compiled a short list of insomnia remedies that my family uses. I also asked for feedback from the readers so that we could possibly, collectively come up with something you have not done or tried...


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