Gear Review Installing a New front end loader on an older tractor.

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by HK_User, Jan 27, 2019.

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    Ah! So, you saying all years are good and they only made them for a short time so... Okay, got it! Thanks!
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    If you have 4 wd, the turning wheel will "climb" over the dirt in front of it or behind it, with out the power to the wheel, the dirt will push in front of the wheel and build up a barrier that will stop the tractor. Problem is push is in back, weight and rrsistance of smaller wheel and dirt in front of wheel is in front. Easiest way to think of it is to drive a rear wheel car up to a 6 inch curb, stop with wheels against it and try to let out the clutch and power over the "chock". If you have a 4 wd Jeep, in 4 wheel and do the same thing, it will climb the curb with ease as the tires "lift" the front end over the curb. If you have access to a 4 wd tractor with a bucket, take it out of 4 wheel and try to use the bucket on anything but blacktop and you will quickly figure out the need. I tend to use 4 wheel and loader in woods, barnyard, loading snow or sand, etc, and it really needs 4 wheel, that said, I would very much rather have a 2 wheel drive tractor with a loader then no loader, just have to learn what you can and cant do with it. Most of my life I have had 2 wd tractors as they did not get to be common until the 1980's at least and were very pricy to begin with..
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    About that time Ford went into a deal with the UK to import their model of the Long/Leyland group and badge it as the New Holland Ford Tractor. Lots of other things unfolded at that time but that's all history. You can find all kinds of stories on line, kinda like sea stories. But Italy was also part of that deal. TRACTORS are AG use and as such many were badged as what they weren't and appear to come from where they did not originate.

    I am happy with my purchase and the only breakage was a power steering line due to vibration which was redesigned to have a short piece of hose bonded to the metal line. India makes a lot of spares such as the steering wheel I just purchased.

    Samples for sale
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    Old Ford tractors were known for breaking the power steering line and 1 end was back behind the engine and by the radiator. Always donated some skin and blood to the Gods when you took it off and put it on, and of course you did it all by feel as you couldn't reach it and see it at the same time. It used to break in back where it attached to the pump, which if I remember right was driven off the front of the crankshaft. Been 40 years and all the scars are gone and I can't really remember just how it was put together.
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    @Bandit99 I dont know why, but Kubota dosnt rate a lift amount, the dealer says up to #3000, but i don't know about that!
    Mine with counter weight is OVER #8000.
    Nice thing is it can go anywhere and its easy to unstick your self if you do get stuck. I use it for every thing, and while it dosnt have powered PTOs, it does have hydraulic quick conects on the front lift attachment so you can run all sorts of stuff off it. I normally have a grapple bucket on it which is about the most amazingly useful tool there is, and I also have a ditcher and post hole digger with interchangeable augers! Worth every penny says me! Finally, a pair of forks for lifting pallets and any other needs where that would be useful. Bonus is that i can grab the forks by their mount with the grapple bucket, which during winter has a steel wire frame box for firewood, then drop the assembly and scoop firewood into the bucket to haul up to the house! Saves my back! The Grapple bucket is also handy for road repairs, simple drag it backwards and adjustas as needed!
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    9N Ford with a loader on manual steering is a NIGHTMARE !! I have driven one .
    New Holland Tractor , 2 Kubotas all in 4wd & manual but the small Kubota is HST .
    HST is less power .
    Bail Squeeze on 105 NH can lift two bails on spears or one on the squeeze rollers .

    Pix 4 24hrs



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    A good tractor and a loader is the swiss army knife of the world. Doesn't dig like a back hoe, load like a Huff, steer like a skid steer, but does it all well enough to get you by and save days of time. 3 point hitch with a choker chain, loader with a grapple, will save you days of work in woods, spear will feed round bails, bucket, load dirt, manure, etc, brush hog keep your fields clean, 3 point grader blade and drag keep your gravel driveway in shape or level a field, the list never stops, then if you get a small 3 point backhoe for it, you will really have fun.

    If you think gun porn is bad, hang on to your hat for tractor porn. Can't even guess how you would get that log on the saw mill without a loader. We used mules and cant hooks to roll the logs onto the carriage and it was hard dangerous work.
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    This is a UGLY thing.

    What you see is a Manifold with dirt on it as shipped with DSCF3019.JPG zero protection.

    Fasteners were also shipped loose so you have to dig thru the lot to find what you think is correct. So much easier for all if they had just bagged each category.
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    This is a Good thing.
    Well built example of the cross brace of two tractors. The black one is the new while the orange is the Kubota. It is clear which is the strongest, but both are adequate for their design requirements.

    This is the first part that will be bolted on.It is a very well designed CHIN that will accept the front of the loader support. I suggest that it took 100 ton press to form it.

    Center brace on the new FNL DSCF3014.JPG DSCF3011.JPG

    Kubota center brace, much lighter weight. DSCF3012.JPG

    Side by Side. DSCF3010.JPG DSCF3015.JPG

    DSCF3017.JPG .
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    The FNL is a TA 160
    Designed to lift heavier round bales and lift higher and a longer reach.
    The best I could find in a size that fits my Ford 2310. DSCF3013.JPG
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    Kubota is Metric loader made in Canada , so thinner is wall thickens that is less lifted weight that is a brace .
    I like stuff made to fit and order a part from a parts book. When I order a machine , I get Parts,Manuals of repair and all the stuff , If not NEXT place.
    I have a full shop to all the books that I own machines.
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    Oh man! I could use one of those grapple buckets to haul all the brush/branches left over after falling trees and cleaning them so I can turn the logs into rounds of firewood. Currently, I have to, by hand, load all the branches into the back of my pickup then drive them to a spot on the property, unload them again by hand, then burn them and that is what's killing me and it is also very, very time consuming because there could be 6, 8, 10 truck loads...sounds easy but it's a huge PIA.
    A bucket and a grapple bucket would certainly make my life easier and this simple conversation has made up my mind to definitely get both.

    Also, I would think 3000 pounds would be more than enough for me...
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  13. Cruisin Sloth

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    grapple bucket was a 400.00 , fits the 2400 Kubota on a bobcat QR , and the New Holland , as with the bobcat skidsteer ..
    Augers ,tillers , plows ,seeders , rock pickers , you name the attachment , all parts & manual books required , if not , It will be a POS when part is NLA ..
    I buy proven suppliers !

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    Just be glad they are not Mesquite Trees!
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    I will attempt to do 1 hour of work each day on the FNL install.
    Pictures as I go, before during and after shots.
    Wher's Bear when I need him, ahh yes warm in HI.

    Today will be removing the Home made front bumper and body work.
    Time permitting I will install the FNL Chin Piece.
    Gonna get cold tomorrow and any way its DAV Volunteer Time tomorrow.
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    Be aware that some after market grapples require a 1500 Dollar investment in extra valve and hose installation.

    Westendorf has anew type that fixes the top grapple and does the clamping with the bottom only. Fewer moving parts.

    I use my Rock Bucket (From TITAN) to transport such loads as it has a large base profile and can also be used as a Rake.

    [​IMG]Titan Attachments 60" Rock Bucket Skeleton Loader w/ Teeth Skid Steer Bobcat
  17. HK_User

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    Oops, ALL STOP.

    It appears incorrect parts were sent and a small delay will be involved until the correct parts are found and sent!

    But first I need to go back and make the Tractor Road worthy before the freeze tonight..

    I did get a few pictures of me removing parts that were just fine, rusted neatly in place until I came along.
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  18. HK_User

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    The 2310 has a conventional power steering pump gear driven from the left front of the engine. Supply lines are easily accessible
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  19. HK_User

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    I will receive a new box of attachment parts, it is being sent this week.

    To be continued.
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  20. Cruisin Sloth

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    From TITAN I have 4 items from them , Great quality , Pricing has doubled since I had bought
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