Gear Review Installing a New front end loader on an older tractor.

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    While I wait and the storm surges across the Mid West I have been selecting a set of tires for the Ford 2310.
    This is my choice for a lot of reasons.
    1. It is 8 ply.
    2. They will fit my existing rims.
    3. Existing rims can be reversed to increase width of the front end, a need to have better balance for the loads to be carried.
    4. Comes in tubeless.
    5. I have experience with these on two Mil Jeeps

    I have been reviewing the latest installation plans and feel much better about the installation. Although I'd sure like to see dimensions on the drawings as my Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and AutoCad back grounds support the need.
    Super Traxion Tires | STA Tires Super Traxion
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  2. HK_User

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    A bit of information. Basic Loader mounts bolted permanent on the Tractor.

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    I received another shipment Friday. In this we had a container with new style brackets, a new Skid steer Bucket with its attachment point that is bolted to the Loader arms and a box of bolts.

    Now that we have the correct parts it was time to asses the new information and what we may need to start and finish this project in an orderly manner.

    I did some test fits in 27 degree temps so bear with me on the pictures as I will do those as I start the build.

    I plan on a 3 part harmony of installation.
    1. Will be the bolt up of the support frame.
    2. Add the Hydraulic plate which entails removing the OEM blocking plate and fitting the new aluminum porting plate for the Tractor's Hydraulics supply.
    3. Next but in a separate move we will add the Loaders arms onto the support Frame installed in 1 above.
    The install of the Loader Arms can only be completed when the Hydraulic Hoses and supply Plate is in place.

    But after checking clearances it was apparent that the Exhaust Pipe would need to be replaced since it would be between two hard points and at this time it would touch one of those points due to years of abuse in the brush and trees. It is on order and should be here Tuesday.

    Along the way I purchased a new set of O rings for the Hydraulic Plates, you can never have too many spare parts in a modification like this because I do not like to have a piece of equipment down for a 10 cent part.

    The kit did not come with chaffing covers for the hydraulic hoses so that it is a need also. Not found or ordered yet but not a do or die condition.

    Sub assembly will start Wednesday when it warms up a bit.
    Pictures Then !!!!!
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  4. Gator 45/70

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    You may want to look at some of these for the bucket.
    The thing rips thru brush,small trees and dirt plus extends the life of the bucket!
    BXpanded Piranha Toothbar
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  5. HK_User

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    Received a few parts and pictures of what did not work before and replacements parts tomorrow.
    Box of after market hose protection with zip ties and a set of Hydraulic O rings.

    This shows the heft of the Skid steer quick change attachment from the Loader Mfg. It is about 3 times as stout as the Kubota's.
    Yes that is green grass in February.

    This is a sticky substance that was an Extra cost item to prevent flats in the 12 ply "F" load tire.


    New tire and rims for the front end.
    OEM Tire and Rim alongside the new mounted tire and rim.

    Front end complete with new tires.



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    This is what did not work and just part of a upgrade.

    I did give it a good try and was willing to do a tear down as far as needed until the thought of needing a Sawzall for the next step. So I stopped and called the Factory and we concluded more parts were needed.

    Parts have arrived and I'll show the starts of the install tomorrow in a step by step format and the new exhaust pipe and muffler needed to insure a good install.
    I hope to have the main support runners on tomorrow.
    But for now the following is what did not work.

    Box of bolts and other parts.

    Chocked both rear wheels before starting the initial tear down. DSCF3024.JPG

    Bumper had to come off just to check for fitment of bolts and add ons.

    Bumper bolts. DSCF3026.JPG

    Tools Needed. DSCF3027.JPG



    Bumper Off


    Getting serious now as it seems a Sawzall might be needed so we'll disassemble further before that happens. DSCF3031.JPG

    Just years of dirt, dust and Rats nest along with mud dabbers nest, but no good answer yet.

    Nope was not gonna work so put Body work back on.

    Chunked Bumper.
    More fun and games later.

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  7. HK_User

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    This is the getting serious part of the install.
    We believe we have all the needed parts as well as some extras that will need to be returned.
    We purchased new exhaust components because the current ones have seen better times and we will have clearance problems if all bends are not correct as well as a new muffler.

    This is a left rear mounting point as provided by OEM Ford. Cleaning out the threads I greased 35 years ago.


    White pipe is the new exhaust pipe, lots of bends and OEM dents for correct clearances. DSCF3046.JPG

    Follow the snake and you come to the strangely mounted new muffler.
    This took almost 3 hours from OEM damaged hardware to the strangely mounted muffler so all things to come would fit and not rub.


    Right lower side and two more mounting holes that must be tapped and cleaned. DSCF3048.JPG

    Pulling the plastic plugs.
    DSCF3051.JPG DSCF3052.JPG

    Digging out the old grease. DSCF3053.JPG

    Running in the tap. DSCF3054.JPG

    Part two. DSCF3055.JPG

    Two mounting points on the front of the casting, clean and tap. DSCF3056.JPG

    Lots of Tap Lube. DSCF3057.JPG

    One finished.

    Both tapped and the front mount plate bolted on to a finger tight fitment. DSCF3059.JPG

    Right side front to rear support. DSCF3060.JPG

    Right side ready to hook up to front mount. DSCF3061.JPG

    Left rear of the front to rear mount.
    The spacers are for the exhaust pipe passage, I'll have a better picture of the final fitment.
    Everything still at finger tight setup.

    Right rear with both bolts loose but in place. DSCF3063.JPG

    Right Front fit up. DSCF3064.JPG

    Left front fit up showing the shoulders of where the front of the Loader Frame will lock in place>later. DSCF3065.JPG

    Right front fit up showing the shoulders of where the front of the Loader Frame will lock in place>later. DSCF3066.JPG

    Both front Loader Shoulders for the Frame of the Loader Lift Arms. DSCF3067.JPG

    This system allows a quick disconnect for a 2 Minute load or unload of the Loader assembly.

    That is all for now.



    Tractor is operational and time to do clean up and tool storage.
  8. HK_User

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    The Install Drawing of what is completed with a few more parts to do before I start the Hydraulic addition to the Ford OEM Distribution Plate.
    Next step will be the saddles for the Loader Frame, Valve control mount for the Bucket (Raise/Lower).
    Simple enough just takes time and patience.

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  9. HK_User

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    I do have a ROPS and Seat Belt on the way.
    Just something that was not available when I made my initial Tractor purchase.
    Then a lot of people died when Tractors were used for something different than the OEM Design.
    Tractors have always been the number one killer on the Farm or Ranch.Respect it of become Maimed or Dead.
    The Loader add on can easily become a killer due to its ability to rapidly change the center of gravity point and then it's all over except for the clean up and Body Bag.

    Stock Picture of Suppliers ROPS. Bare Co USA - Home

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  10. Gator 45/70

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    You'll need to counterbalance that bucket when you go to use it,Like keeping a bush-hog on the backend for traction and weight.
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  11. HK_User

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    Got a ballast bucket with 300lbs of lead.
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  12. Gator 45/70

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    That's an excellant plan in more ways than one lol
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  13. Dunerunner

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    At least, it looks like you've had decent weather to do this work in... [winkthumb][winkthumb]
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  14. HK_User

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    Yup and one more good day of sunshine.
    Overcast makes for better pictures but I'll try for that when it's complete
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  15. HK_User

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    Just exhaust stuff.
    Today I received a LH side step in the mail (not shown) and will soon mount it for a safer way to mount the beast since it now has a slight rake and being in the soft dirt more I figure I need the extra step.


    Tight bends and a nice fit for the after market parts added. DSCF3070.JPG

    Muffller now a bit higher. DSCF3071.JPG

    Some assembly required but getting closer. DSCF3072.JPG

    Before the added hardware.


    DSCF3070.JPG DSCF3071.JPG

    Shaky, Too late and past dark, Lift Control Stalk. And I need food. DSCF3072.JPG

    LH Loader Frame Perch. DSCF3073.JPG

    RH Loader Frame Perch and Lift Control Valve Perch. DSCF3074.JPG

    Soon for hoses. DSCF3075.JPG

    Good close position to the steering wheel DSCF3076.JPG

    Different view of LH Loader Perch DSCF3077.JPG

    #2 Different view of LH Loader Perch DSCF3078.JPG

    #3 Different view of LH Loader Perch DSCF3079.JPG

    #4 LH Frame Perch DSCF3080.JPG

    #5 Loader frame perch. DSCF3073.JPG
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    Looking good man!
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  17. Dunerunner

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    I'm worn out just looking at this job!! Looking good!
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  18. HK_User

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    Was out doing tape measure this AM. Looks good. Now for the weather to have its way for the next week. At least I'll be able to install the ROPS in the rain!
  19. HK_User

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    ROPS an adventure of its own.

    Another adventure with international suppliers.

    Picked up the ROPS yesterday.
    Made the choice to pick it up at an Authorized dealers location instead of the hassle of the game of home delivery that the US Trucking Pirates play in their theft of $$ from any but those they claim to be authorized business locations.

    Well received, well packed and it fit in the back of the truck.

    Unpacked at home and found a single double sided instruction page. Poor quality picture and I will scan and insert later.

    This is some of my questions to the OZZ supplier to its US Distributors.

    "Just picked up the BARE-Co F10 ROPS and it came with only one page of "assembly" now mind you there was absolutely no instructions on the ROPS nor was there any information about what appears to be threaded holes in the ROPS. I figure they are for accessory items such as lights but who knows.''

    Can you help with a web site?"

    Time will tell about help from down-under but the ROPS is a super strong folding type and measures to be a perfect fit for the FORD 2310.

    Picture later, when the rain stops and after the 3 day freeze.
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  20. HK_User

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    ROPS DSCF3085.JPG Pictures and the Surprise Package of Red Wings!
    Note that square flat package in the middle! I figured it was a set of parts list and instructions, Surprise, it was the red parts you will see later.

    Unpacked and on a Mesquite log. DSCF3087.JPG

    Unwrapped and laying on the Log.
    Note the Red Wings!?
    I suspect some CLOWN at the Factory was walking by and dumped this in the crate since it is totally foreign to this ROPS.


    Factory Safety Label
    FWIW OSHA does not rate ROPS but all must pass the Spec as listed.

    I assume this added strap was installed as part of the testing to prevent a break away.
    The base plate is over large as it was designed to fit more than one model'
    Only two bolts of the correct size and type in each leg are required to save a life.


    Pack of hardware for the install.
    Contains extras as some tractors use a set of U bolts.


    This is the spot the leg will set.
    Two bolts to remove, set the leg in place, add the fender and replace the bolts in place tighten to spec, add the top loop and seat belt and for a small amount of $$ (a lot less money than a trip to the ER or a Funeral)

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