Gear Review Installing a New front end loader on an older tractor.

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    Wet and cold so a wrap up is in progress.
    Just strapped down a Bucket yesterday to return and a few other odd pictures will be posted.

    New Dust Covers for the QD Joy Stick.


    Items to be returned, this is for items sent in the first order.
    Bolted to the pallet is the front end adapter that did not match up with my series tractor.

    Frames and boxed items not compatible with my tractor. DSCF3105.JPG

    Just more of the same. DSCF3106.JPG


    The bucket is used as a shipping cap and secured with available BAND-IT 3/4 inch stainless steel strapping. Stainless Steel Band Clamps | BAND-IT

    Kind of a waste but this is what I had in my Preps. DSCF3108.JPG

    Secure and ready for pickup,
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