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    A lot of you know a little about me. How many of you read the original Mother Earth News Magazine in the very early 70's? I was one of those, and was quickly hooked. I have a ton of their magazines archived. I was a Mother's Earth Lifer. #4500. The Magazine has changed hands a couple of times over the years, but I am still a fan. The whole purpose of this post is a lead in into this.... I just got my February/March issue and in it is a Sale offer for "the complete Mother Earth News archive on DVD" spring 1970 thru winter 2009, Forty years for $40. Thousands of DIY projects, homesteading tips, recipes, renewable energy advice and more! More than 8500 articles including 100's of pages never in print! Fully searchable! No internet connection required! Ad is on page 49(you need the promo code to get this price) normal price is $89.99. Is this SPAM? I think not. I have no connection to M.E.N. whatsoever except being a longtime avid fan. I am sold on this promo and my order is going in today. I just wanted to share with the rest of you. web address promo code for sale price MMEPAA23
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    Thanks tacmotusn. Looks like it might be a great resource.
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    That is a great deal. I still have their first couple of newsprint issues. I subscribed for about 5 years. Came close to becoming a lifer. You are right about there being a ton of useful stuff in there.

    On a similar note (and I.m sure it's been mentioned on this site before) I bought a DVD (about 4.5 Gigs worth) of US military manuals covering survival, Hand -to-Hand, transportation, construction, medical etc. Only $49.95 as I recall. From Whole lot of reading for the money.

    Sure you could probably find it all for free on the web somewhere, but it was worth the $49.95 just to get all the downloads in one place.
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    I see that you can get years 1970 - 2008 on 4 CD's for $29.95. Good deal also, but the convenience of having everything on one DVD and searchable is pretty big.
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