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    And, a Canadian invasion? Not very likely, two states worth of hard core patriots would pretty much lock up any northmen and make any attempts to invade south a very poor idea!
    Mexicans, poorly armed and equipped with a mix mash of equipment, ammo and weapons, and little if any logistics to mount any thing more then gorilla actions! Mex Mil, A bad joke at best! A head ache at worse, and short lived!
    Chine or Russia, very unlikely, neither has sufficient transports to move large numbers of fighting men and equipment across the seas in full view of the worlds most powerful Navy ( still fully capable of taking on any TWO of the worlds finest at the same time) and it's buddies in the Coastguard and even Marines, and within range of the Air Force, noting but flotsam would reach our shores!
    A U.N. invasion would be the exact same, nothing but tide and current swept floaters reaching out shores!
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    @BTPost "Our Patriots would waste any group of Mexicans who decided to invade, once our .Gov/.MIL became ineffective enforcing the Rule of Law..."

    I've often thought that if the really wanted to stop the illegal immigrants and I mean REALLY wanted to stop them then the way to do it would be to allow the locals to handle it. What I am saying is 'vigilante justice' but it would stop it dead in its tracks, pun intended.
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  3. Several posts have referred to the fighting in the United States between 1861 and 1865. I realize the U.N. didn't exist yet, but if it had would they have intervened? What are the criteria that precedes intervention? France and Great Britain both favored the south. As far as an invasion from off shore, I can't verify it but after the war a jap general was being interrogated and was asked why they (the japs) had not attacked the U.S. west coast. His alleged reply was there are so many arms in civilian hands an attacking force would not make it off the beach.
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