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    I just commented a few days ago that there seemed to be a lot of earthquakes lately. The one in Richmond, VA was truly and oddball...divers?

    Have there been more?

    Earthquake Facts and Statistics

    Regardless...the piece is thought provoking, even if you remove the religious context and just look at the scenarios. I just read something the other day that N.Dakota produces 3/4 of the durum wheat; and because of the flooding, pasta prices will rise. A staple of poor families is mac&cheese, which I think I had about every other meal as a kid. It doesn't take long to put 2 and 2 together to see where that goes.

    The article above mentions a 'default' on food. It is not a stretch to see people becoming cannibals.
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    It is a true thing, Guit... It is nice that us Prep'ers have our cases of Mac & Laytex already stored away at the cheap prices of yester-month. We will be eating ours, when the sheeple will be spending their last dime, and fighting over the last box, on supermarket shelves.... that is just going to be a FACT of Life, in the Obummer World. Prices Up, and availability Down, and when the trucks stop rolling, things will head south in a hurry.... ..... YMMV....
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    Spending any left over money on food, peanut butter and rice and beans etc....
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