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    Need a good article on the differences between good gun safes and sonobuoy containers for safe long term storage of weapons. Given the present political climate, in quite a few places in this country, the gun laws they are a changing to paraphrase Dillon, and fire may be the least of your worries for safe firearm storage. It kinda looks like the custom of ski swaps in the fall in order to get your children ski's that fit them at the least cost, may well be replaced by firearm swaps, as us old dudes no longer need our semiauto's but don't want the powers that be know who got them. It has been many years since I have seen the actual cost, not price, of firearms as low as today. I know I bought WW2 surplus for $50, but I was making $150 a week, so the price in wages of a AR15 build from PSA is very comparable to that of a Spanish Mauser at that period, and it uses a modern cartridge, common magazines, is semiauto, and comes in hundreds of different combinations. If you wish to buy from someone else, there are a lot of similar bargains and there is no real need for most of us in the real world to pay $2,000 for an AR type weapon that is just slightly better than the $600 one. For most of us, either a low light system or good optics, would be much more logical than a more expensive rifle, and practice ammo and range time better than any additional expenditures for the ultimate AR. YMMV[gadsden][US]

    Care full rereading of the article would seem to indicate that there is no gun safe now for sale that would survive thru a real total fire and the resulting cool down period. Help in fires put out quickly and if weapons cleaned soon after, probably OK. Biggest advantage seems to be keeping things organized, preventing theft, and having documentation to give to insurance co that you did your best and have documented proof that the boat did in fact sink.
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    We'll see what happens today because if the Dems do well then we all better be buying more guns and ammo.

    I never really expected a gun safe to truly withstand a huge fire anyway...especially where I lived (surrounded by woods).
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    I believe a safe "room" designed to with stand fire or intrusion along with it's own fire prevention measures.
    Weigh the value of your preps and the struggle to survive should everything else should be lost in a fire.
    Something below ground ,not under the house, with a unique access.
    I am developing plans for a root cellar and transfer my preps there.
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    For the time being I have a Sentry safe. More like a locking gun cabinet. But my room is on the third floor. Thives and government agents are lazy!
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