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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jeff Brackett, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Good's all a house of cards until a big wind blows.
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    Very good article. I try to limit what I send out to family and friends so as to keep the lines of communication open. This to me was worth the risk of a mass mailing. I sent it out to about 50 addresses. I hope those who are not already onboard with prepping will read it and wake up. Thanks for posting.
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    Good article! Most sheeple have no idea of the fragility of our transportaton system, just how much our entire socitety depends on it, and that our stores are on the flawed "Just In Time" delivery model. Basically, stop all truck transport, the store shelves go empty in a couple/three days.
    We here in the Southeast got a taste of this in 2008, when two big hurricanes put a stop to oil pumping, refining and deliveries in our states. For a month, gas and diesel were in short supply, and many smaller companies or independent truckers went out of business. Fuel was shipped in from north and west, but it was a trickle compared to our needs.
    Now, magnify that to a national level, and a much longer timeframe!
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