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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Witch Doctor 01, Jan 26, 2012.

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    What kind of trouble are you in?
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    I haven't read the article thoroughly, but it does remind me of the kind of legal argumentation typical of one Albert Haddock, a notorious litigator whose legal exploits have been well documented in A.P.Herbert's definitive work called "Misleading Cases in the Common Law".

    A. P. Herbert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I suspect that the advice tendered in the "Diplomatic Immunity" dodge is probably not going to be any more convincing nor effective than the legal arguments used by the "Gun trader" dudes in James Wesley Rawles's TEOTWAWKI novel, "Patriots".
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    "Sovereign citizen" again?
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    I wonder if this has ever worked for anyone. Seems like they'd just go NDAA and perform summary execution...
    From the link:
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    Wait until the theory is tested before taking the plunge

    I am not knowledgeable enough with American constitutional, statutary, administrative and common laws to venture a professional legal opinion on the validity of the theory of "Sovereign citizen", just that even if correct, being correct, is in some circumstances no guarantee that it will be in one's immediate best interests to argue it.

    The same may well apply in the case of the self proclaimed "Diplomatic Immunity" Dodge. I would want to be seeing the theory of the "Diplomatic Immunity" dodge tested (by someone else) in a relevant jurisdiction and have the ruling's precedent set in case law before I would even contemplate doing anything that I may have to rely on for that kind of apparently flaky defence.

    If I am thinking of doing anything that
    require a contrived diplomatic immunity to avoid the consequences thereof...then I probably shouldn't be doing it.

    Diplomatic immunity didn't seem to have helped Arjen Rudd much in Lethal Weapon 2: Diplomatic Immunity...but then again, Detective Roger Murtaugh probably wasn't all that au fait with the niceties of the Vienna conventions on diplomatic relations and international law.

    Lethal Weapon 2 - Diplomatic Immunity - YouTube
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    Walk in front of a truck that's ignoring the "yield to pedestrians" sign.

    You will be both right and dead.

    I'm all for standing up for my rights but choose to steer wide of the legal spider web of the US legal system. I think that it disregards the yield sign at times.

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    Seems to be full of crazy.... an Aquaintance pointed this out and was thinking about trying it in court on an infraction.... IMHO he will probably just upset the judge and end up in deep dookie... i reccommended against it we will see what he does... he's the third kind of person....
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