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    Hopefuly Microbalrog will chime in and have more accurate details. I kow had ben hearing about the shooting at the seminary in Israil and the news was saying that a 'member of the Israily military' (which I think includes all ablebodied citizens so may be true in that sence) had shot the gunman and stoped him. This article says the guy who stopped the shooter was an armed student. Of coarse the media wouldnt want us to know it if that were the case since we all know its a bad idea to have people armed in schools.
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    Now, I'm not sure what really took place, but our media (specifically Ynet, Yedioth Ahronoth's news site originally mentions a guy called Itzhak Dadon, a student at the yeshiva, shot the terrorist in the head while sitting on the roof of the house the event took place in.

    But now they are reporting an off-duty Army officer, one David Shapira, shot the bad guy several times with his issue M-16 rifle, and then proceeded to scout the area for additional terrorists, as per Army instructions. He is the guy who was commended by the Chief of Staff FWIW.

    Interestingly, when he arrived at the yeshiva, he says he saw multiple police officers standing outside and refusing to enter.
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    Ok, I wasnt sure but figured it might have been more openly/accurately reported there. I know there have been school shootings and other shootings here in the states where private citizens were armed and stoped the shooter and the media either tends to sweep it under the rug or try to make the out to be police. Kind of like the guy who shot up a church and was shot by a woman who was a member of the church. She had worked for the police in the offices a couple years before but had nothing to do with law enforcement and had not as I understand been through the accadamy but they reported it that she was an off duty police officer to keep from admitting that armed private citizens STOP crime because they are there while police are generaly only able to report/investigate crimes because they arent there in time to stop them.
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    This was an article in the latest "Page Nine" newsletter by Alan Korwin.

    The lamestream media told you:
    A "gunman" entered a rabbinical seminary in Jerusalem and opened fire on a nighttime study session, killing eight and wounding nine, according to Aron Heller and Stephen Gutkin, writing for the Associated Press. It was the first major "militant" attack in the city in more than four years. A police spokesman said "at least six empty bullet clips were found on the floor." Condoleeza Rice called it, "an act of terror and depravity." In Gaza, "thousands of Palestinians took the streets to celebrate."

    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
    An armed student in Jerusalem stopped an Islamic jihadi on a killing spree by shooting him twice in the head, according to the Jerusalem Post. Initial U.S. reports made no mention of how the attack was halted, hiding the fact that students are an effective deterrent to crime. Later reports indicated, falsely, that "security forces" stopped the attacker. None of the reports identified the murderer as a radical Muslim, calling him an "attacker" and a "gunman." The word "Islam" did not appear.

    In a situation now all too familiar, an armed citizen put a stop to a murderous rampage, and the "news" media covered up what actually happened. Typically, this is done to avoid encouraging "copy-cat" behavior, according to news-media experts. Israelis began arming their teachers and students to prevent such attacks, with enormous success. Police officials arrived in time to count the empty shell casings and magazines.

    Following several heinous school shootings here, American school administrators are debating the value of armed teachers and students, as part of a foot-dragging exercise designed to deny citizens their civil rights, enable criminals on school campuses, and toe a politically correct line that endangers the public. "If students had guns, they might fire and miss an attacker, and that could do harm," one school official said.
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    Well, my guess is that the teachers and students who carried would be better shots than the folks at the St Louis PD (the ones who fired over 50 rounds at a suspect and never hit him) so I somehow figure that their misses would be less dangerous than the hits from the shooter.
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    I believe the student put him down. I know how they like to spin things to keep things from spinning out of Their control. We know what a school system would be like if everyone had access to firearms. It would be as calm as when my grandfather went to school. Now, if the DAs at the school want to sit with their thumbs up their A and debate the merit of such a plan, they will only accomplish one thing. Their school can turn into something like the ones in L.A. Only gangs and pushers have firearms. I don't see Principle Chicken taking steps to take the guns from those thugs. The LEOs have a hard enough time controlling the in-flow.

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