Interesting idea.

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    Here's a house of a friend of mine. He read OSA and hasn't been the same since...complete 180--bought a farm and is now pretty much self-sufficient.

    I don't get the fireplace on that other house. When I was in college, I had to read a lot of Caspi and Moffitt stuff....most interesting.
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    To be sure, the house does have its skeptics. There was the neighbor who exclaimed, “Honey, you’ve made a terrible mistake and built your fireplace outside of your living room.” (Dr. Moffitt told him, “It’s worse than that. There is no living room.”) And her father took a dim view of their building, as he put it: “a cross between a chicken house and a trailer.”
    But the only review they really cared about was that of Stephen Atkinson, an architect with whom they had made an unusual bargain. Mr. Atkinson, who lives and works in Palo Alto, Calif., had given them the plans for the house — they were free, but with a caveat. For every change they made to his original design, he would charge them.
    No chimney, for instance, would cost them $3,000. Clear glass instead of translucent fiberglass windows? That would run $4,000. A cathedral ceiling, rather than the flat modernist one he had specified? $2,500.
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