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    "When the apartment bombings happened in September of 1999 I held a press conference," said Borovoy, "I got hold of very serious intelligence. It happened to contain data ... about the U.S., which I gave to the FBI." The contact who provided this "serious intelligence" indicated that the FSB was, in fact, behind the apartment bombings. But there was more. "Besides that," Borovoy explained, "he also provided me with information regarding the United States. This information, in 1999, sounded totally absurd. He told me that someone named bin Laden was going to torpedo skyscrapers with Boeing airliners."

    Read the complete article, from the link below. Very interesting theory and quite believable given the fact how we screwed the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

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    Yes very interesting. I have been saying for years the Russians and Chinese are not our friends. Most of the people I know think they are.
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    Yeah...really also says bin laden destroyed wtc...another fear mongering story and another false flag opportunity...zawahri was kgb? bin laden was cia, so, they all belong to the same nwo team...kgb was behind 9/11 terrorist attacks??? WHAT terrorist attacks?! looks like suddenly media discovered new "enemies" of US...
    Fear never ends...most of the people are terrified from "terrorists", even though they only heard about them on tv...i think that this story is bs aimed to scare people and distract them from the real things happening around them ...
    Politics does not recognize friends, only interests...People can be friends, not countries...
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    I don't believe 9/11 was an inside but do believe help was need on an advisory basis and training. The russians would be prime candidates for this training.
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    Way too many hard evidence of inside job...I spotted the demolition charges blasting as the towers collapsed the first time I saw the news! Also that small building was undamaged, and it collapsed in controlled demolition. I saw news reports years back, and even interviews with 2 of the "dead" terrorists, both alive and well!
    As for Russian training, do you believe that terrorists flew real Boeings in Russia preparing for 9/11??? I mean, seriously?

    Where are all the victims and their families from the planes? Where are the bodiies from the plane that "crashed" in the field? Did anyone saw any interviews with planes victims families? Or videos of thousands of family members, friends and relatives crowding, crying and rioting at the airports, demanding informations and answers?
    Were there any planes and passengers involved at all? Obviously not!

    Have you seen the original damage on Pentagon? The hole was like 3 meters wide, and no engines holes! It was a missile, not a plane! Have you seen the clear disk-shaped missile video? What about field crash videos?
    I can very easily prove to anyone that 9/11 was govt job, and no terrosrists, Russians, and even planes were used! Missiles were used, a new, prototype, disk missiles, which were later overlayed in video lab with plane images!

    I don't understand how can people ignore the multiple internal blasts that brought the buildings down? Or passenger "planes" appearing out of thin air, moving with impossible speeds and doing impossible manouvres? Or the news guy saying on live tv that another, second plane hit the second tower, 2 minutes before the event, while behind him on the screen was "live" feed from one burning tower and second undamaged tower?! Was he psychic??? Just ridiculously stupid and failed conspiracy bs attempt...

    Two days after 9/11 people here were convinced that GWB did it! Did you saw his reaction when he was "told" about the event? A very faint, almost unnoticeable smile appeared on his face, and he continued sitting there, reading a story! Did he looked shaken, disturbed, shocked, angry or sad? No...he looked and acted as if he knew and didn't care! Totally indifferent!
    And the greatest tragedy is that all those bastards involved in this mass-murder will remain free and untouchible...and full of cash and opportunities to do the same thing again! Aren't democracy and capitalism great?
    Sorry for the rant...this 9/11 thing always ticks me off and I tend to overreact...
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    That's WTC7, which collapsed the same day even though no plane hit it. After that, I always hoped nearby trees would fell themselves in sympathy as I cut firewood...
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    LOL...never mind...
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    Explain the phone calls loved ones made from the planes to family on the ground after saying good bye in the airport. if it were missiles that did the damage??.

    LOL GWB smiling .:D

    See any UFO's tonight :D
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    Russians didn't train them to fly, bane, but we just uncovered a 12 man team o spies who infiltrated, have been living a normal life in the USA for 10+ years. What better way to fight the USA and its principles than to assist in propagating the wars with al-Qaeda knowing the USA will continue carrying out the Truman Doctrine.
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    Here, have some UFO's the video! More coming!

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    Seen the "September Clues" movie?


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