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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Clyde, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Clyde

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    Although this is a sermon, it is quite strong as it relates to freedom and liberty and even for those who are not of the Christian belief, I believe you will find this a strong and enlightening "sermon"
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  2. Georgia_Boy

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    The sermon stopped about 2/3rds of the way through but I understand the points that the preacher was making. I specifically liked his definition of "limited government" over the way our political/talking heads do as in terms of the size of government. Limited scope or power is limited government. His sermon was accurate and true and he probably is like John the Baptist, a voice in the wilderness.
    Terrible damage was done to our Republic prior to the War of Northern Aggression. Lincoln nearly neutered States rights. Wilson and Roosevelt and their progressive supporters added to the carnage to date. Carter, Clinton, and Obammy, demoncrats, and RINOs have piled on since.
    It will take brave office holding believers to turn back the tide of history. Our house is divided, and divided by hatred. Evil stalks the land. This is why our only true hope is in Jesus. Massive repentance appears to be a dim hope......

  3. Clyde

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    Curios to see what others think. It is 40 minutes long, but very powerful
  4. TwoCrows

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    Southerners like to talk about states rights and property rights and the "War of Northern Aggression"

    What they conveniently forget is that the property they are talking about is other human beings.

    What they conveniently forget is that the "right" they wanted is the "right" to make the northerners stop speaking against slavery.
    Never mind that 1st Amendment that says they can.

    It was the Democrats who defended slavery, and they still act like they own the blacks.

    Do you want to deny that slavery is an evil immoral practice ?

    Your revisionist history is a large part of what has put us where we are now.
  5. CraftyMofo

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    History is usually written by the side that wins the conflict.
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  6. Clyde

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    I am a northerner. It was about secession. I took me years to relearn this. Slavery was abhorrent. In reality, most African Americans or negros are still slaves to the system. They are slaves to a party that holds them down and exploits them for votes.

    The north rewrote the history and perpetuated the lie. If Lincoln did not take over the me kentuckey legiature by force, the civil war never would have happened.

    As sad as it sounds, Lincoln could bought the freedom of all slavess for less than the cost of the war. Revisionist history. We have a black president. Enough said. Equaliy achieved
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  7. CATO

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    I don't think you have a firm grasp of the political underpinnings of the Civil War. It sounds as though your history is what is taught in high school history classes. You'll have to dig deeper.

    The nice thing about this time in history is that it is recent enough to have copious amounts of documentation if you're willing to look for it.

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  8. Alpha Dog

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    I not saying I think slavery is or ever was ok but their own people sold them to the slave traders now it is us the Soutern boy's who are slaves. We can't show any pride in our Soutern roots or we are racist, we can't wear shirt that has a confederat battle fag or we are a racist, can't have an all white group or we are racist and planning hate crimes. While the black man can have his own black pride month and parade, he can wear a shirt with a big Malom X logo thats fine even knowing the man was a peice of $h!t and one of the biggest racist that ever walked, Plus they have the NAACP and Panthers who hate most wite people they even have a college fund for blacks only to send their kids to scholl while I work 2 jobs to send mine. As for the talk of Northern Aggression yes thats a sore spot in a lot of Southern hearts, they sent northern carpetbaggers down to strip family land and take what they wanted in the name of what they said was right. They called it recinstruction they made Lincoln out to be the hero he wasn't in the name of freeing slaves (my arss) it was all about the money, the banks and land for business the north wanted and had to have a cause to get people to stand behind. So if you look at the Nortern intentions then and look where the country is today,I think it woould be more of them putting us where we are today. No religon, No morals, No respect for others or their property with the new generation thinking everything should be handed to them. All Im saying Is don't believe everything you read in the approved history books try and find some of the ones they hide on the back of the shelf.
  9. TwoCrows

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    My main point in this has been that the Confederacy's own documents point to slavery as the reason for secession.

    Southerners still speak of the war as not being over, do you want to bring back slavery ?
  10. Clyde

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    The issue was self-determination. Our country has been busy ever since the Civil War determining what other nations should do as well as expanding our sphere of influence at the expense of anyone/thing that gets in the way. The precedent was set that it is our way or the highway.

    Slavery would have ended. The cotton gin would have put and end to slavery. Primary reason was secession, secondary principle was determining for their own about slavery. For lincoln it was about saving the union more than the slaves, but it is the victors who declared in the end that it was about slavery not secession......rewriting the true history and indoctrinating the education system of the nation for 150 years +.

    Re-read the history TC. No one is advocating that slavery should come back (except the Muslims through Shariah and treatment of infidels). Also, slavery is alive and well and Africa....where blacks still enslave blacks in certain parts. Why aren't we invading those countries? Not enough oil?
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