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    The voices told me not to talk to y'all about this, but I didn't listen... [coffee2]

    Big coffee drinkers hallucinate more: study

    <abbr title="2009-01-14T05:11:16-0800" class="timedate">Wed Jan 14, 8:11 am ET</abbr>
    <!-- end .byline --> LONDON (AFP) – People who drink more than seven cups of coffee a day tend to hallucinate more than less caffeine-driven colleagues, according to a study published Wednesday.
    Those with a high caffeine intake are three times more likely to have heard a non-existent person's voice than those who drink one cup a day, said the research by psychologists at Durham University.
    But the study noted that the tendency to hear voices or have other hallucinations may not be caused by caffeine, but simply reflect the kind of people who drink lots of coffee.
    "This is a first step towards looking at the wider factors associated with hallucinations," said Simon Jones, the PhD student who led the study.
    "Previous research has highlighted a number of important factors, such as childhood trauma. Many such factors are thought to be linked to hallucinations, in part because of their impact on the body's reaction to stress."
    Co-author Charles Fernyhough stressed that the study did not confirm a causal link between caffeine intake and hallucinations, noting also that three percent of people regularly hear voices in their head.
    "One interpretation may be that those students who were more prone to hallucinations used caffeine to help cope with their experiences," he said.
    "More work is needed to establish whether caffeine consumption, and nutrition in general, has an impact on those kinds of hallucination that cause distress."
    The researchers now plan to study the impact of other forms of food and drink on hallucinations.
    "It's surprising that there has been so little research into nutrition and hallucinations. In some countries high consumption levels of sugar and saturated fat are linked to poor mental health outcomes," said Jones.
    "Given the link between food and mood, and particularly between caffeine and the body's response to stress, it seems sensible to examine what a nutritional perspective may add."
    The study appears in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.
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    So that is Ghrit's excuse............[booze]
  3. ghrit

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    When ever I hear "The Voices" I go get another cuppa.
  4. Tango3

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    hmmm..nonexistant voices huh?

    " hey, the coffees done..."
  5. Byte

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    Does Pepsi count? I used to drink some 6-8 a day! I'm cut back to less than that a week now though. Soon as the withdrawals dried up I felt much better! Don't remember hallucinating much though...must be from that evil coffee bean!

  6. Brokor

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    And if I toke a little ganja I will answer the voice, too. Surprisingly enough, the mysterious little "yard gnome" turned out to be my little niece.
  7. CRC

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    [fnny] LMAO brokor!

    Well, more good news today....If you do hear voices, at least you'll remember them! [coffee2]

    Drinking coffee reduces risk of Alzheimer's: study

    "Middle-aged people who drank between three and five cups of coffee a day lowered their risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease by between 60 and 65 percent later in life," ... A6HGQDW7oF
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    Ghert, do the "voices" all have accents like Juan Valdez?
  9. ghrit

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    More like Hu Jintao these days --
  10. CRC

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    Not Jose Cuervo? [dunno]
  11. Tango3

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    or"pepe'" my little mule?
  12. Seawolf1090

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    I have a tendency to talk to myself......

    ...but that is too often the only way to have an intelligent conversation. [rofllmao]
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