Internet Blacklist Bill

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Avarice, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Avarice

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  2. Avarice

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    I think this requires a call to my elected representative telling them if this passes they'll lose my vote no matter what else they do.
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    Congress can propose all sorts of Stupid Laws, but they rarely get past Committee.... If this Law should get passed as is, and signed by Mr. Obummer, it will be in Federal Court 20 seconds later, with an Injunction in place to keep it from being implemented. Then likely would be that way until it finally makes it cleat up to SCOTUS, where it would be decided, and likely struck down. Basically a BIG Yawn..... for the 99%.....
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    I just wish that all porn were required to have a .XXX in their address.It would make it so much easier to filter it.That way when a kid doesnt accidently access it.One time my daughter searched the term animal pictures,and clicked on animal lovers.What came up?A large pic of some woman blowing a horse.If you put .com after whitehouse you get a porn site.If you search the term dragon pictures one of the sites shows knot tieing like you've never seen before.This was with an adult sitting in a chair next to the computer.Try explaining this garbage to an 8yr old girl.
    These all managed to slip through the parental filter in the computer.
    If .XXX were required,then it would be a simple matter to make a filter to deny 100% access to .XXX/porn.
    It pisses me off that we have a rating system for movies,tv,games,and magazines,but dont have a good filter system for the web.
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  5. Opinionated

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    Official Site for Net Nanny | Parental Internet Controls

    Alphabetical List of Content Filter Products

    What pisses me off is people who want to system wide sensor content for everyone instead of spending some time learning how they can sensor *their own* content.

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  6. goinpostal

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    Though I'm no fan of censorship of material on the web,parents shouldnt have to jump through hoops by having to join this,or download that to keep their children from being exposed to sexually explicit material.
    The last I heard,exposing minors to sexually explicit material is a crime in the United States,and there are those in the porn industry that bypass current parental safeguards on purpose.
    I applaud those in the porn industry who have voluntarily gone to the URL's ending in .XXX .If all porn sites URL's ended in.XXX,it would make it easy to filter.It would in escence create a red light district,which I would have no issues with either on the net,or the street.
  7. dragonfly

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    Do NOT type in "zoo" either! I got a shock and some bad virus' instantly when it opened to a porn site!
    But I'm an adult and not concerned, except that it is annoying and those involved ( see credit card companies) should be held accountable for their actions. Who else makes money off of those?
  8. Seawolf1090

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    My father (now 78) had a PC for a short time - til he came to the conclusion he just wasn't able to really use it for anything he could justify. He isn't totally tech-unsavvy - the man has multiple TV/VCR combos, taping all manner of stuff, and he even figured out on his own how to copy 'copy-protected' DVDs to VHS! He hates going thru the menu routine with DVD videos.....
    BUT...... I got tired of having to go over and wipe the viruses off his PC, and clear his online history..... of all the PORN! Dirty old man..... [aiw]
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