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    Oltymer Monkey++ offers scanner feeds you can listen to from all over the country via your computer, and it's free. The other night I listened to the mess in Dallas while it was going down, and came to a different conclusion than what is being pedaled by the media. Last night I listened to St. Paul, and been listening to Chicago today, which is absolutely frying with everything imaginable - they had 115 people shot there over the past 7 days - good thing they have such stringent gun control laws.

    Anyways, you might check it out, seems like it will be a long hot summer and having the ability to tune in on local or distant LEO coms might give you a leg up on what is actually going on.
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    Thanx for that.
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    What ghrit said. :)
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    Thanks, hate getting my news filtered through someone making a few million a year and really doubt his integrity.
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    My AO
    Main Page - ScanBC Online Scanners
    Feel free to monitor our array of online scanners. These scanners are hosted by members of ScanBC and may be offline from time to time. If you have a scanner you would like to host onlineplease email us.

    E-Comm Vancouver Vancouver Fire & Rescue, Richmond Fire-Rescue, North Van City & District Fire Departments
    • E-Comm Surrey Coquitlam, Delta, New West, Surrey & White Rock Fire Departments
    • Skytrain Scanner Skytrain / Canada Line Rapid Transit Systems in the Lower mainland
    • Port Alberni Scanning Port Alberni area emergency services & Marine VHF CH 04A, 16 and 83A.
    • Kelowna Fire Scanner Kelowna & Area - Kelowna Fire Rescue (Left CH) / BC Forest Service (Right CH) **NEW** - RCMP not monitorable
    • North Okanagan Scanner North Okanagan Fire departments, BCAS & SAR, City bylaw, Community Patrol RCMP not monitorable
    • Nelson Area Scanner BCAS Nelson, RCMP F, Regional Fire Depts, SAR, BCFS, MOT, Nelson City Public Works, Hydro
    • Kamloops Scanner BCAS, Fire and Roads services in the area RCMP not monitorable

    List all communities
    • List province wide information
    E-Comm - Wide Area Radio System
    Click Here To List All Trunked Systems.

    TAFL Classic Search by darkwing
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police
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    One thing to keep in mind. RadioReference / Broadcastify have policies regarding what can and cannot be rebroadcasted. In particular, they require that any emergency services transmissions must be limited to normal dispatch and operations frequencies; broadcasters are not allowed to provide audio of tactical/SWAT ops/talk-around type channels, ambulance-to-hospital traffic, or other more specific types of traffic. There may be other feed providers that are less restrictive in terms of what may be available (I have found a number of public channels on Zello related to emergency services)... and it's always a good idea to shell out a few bucks for a scanner and program in your local emergency services if you are able.

    I agree, it is sometimes a very different picture from what is painted in the media. Case in point... within the last few months, I have heard the local city police responding to two different shooting situations. One of them made the local news coverage (there were 2 victims), while one did not. The shooting that did not make the news was, in my opinion, more frightening -- there were reports of fully automatic weapons being fired in a local housing complex, and to my knowledge the were not able to apprehend any suspects.

    Local situational awareness is of prime importance, even before an end-of-the-world scenario.
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    Emphasis: You MUST be licensed to transmit, or have proper authorization to use those frequencies. The reference is best used to monitor. Uv cuss, after SHTF you are on your own.
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    I have a policy too...if your packets broadcast across my land....
    Fair game.
    Stay off my WAN.
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    Well, this is certainly convenient timing! I just posted an article on my blog about scanners and how they are useful for bypassing the media:

    "When the media can’t be trusted, or when you can’t be sure you’ll even have access to the media, the scanner is an important asset. This is especially true for small, localized incidents that are not particularly newsworthy but mean a lot to those in the immediate affected area."

    Full article here: Go Beyond The Ham Bands...It's Scanner Time! - Off Grid Ham
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