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    While reading MTCowboy's thread on a Mobile phone signal booster, I began thinking of my own little dilemma, in hopes someone here may be able to help me address it.

    First, for those of you who may not know, we have a small farm located about 30kms (~18.6 miles) Southwest of the city of Battambang, Cambodia. Our current ADSL internet provider (in Battambang city), has a main cable run down the highway, about 5kms (~3.1 miles) from the farm.

    For a while now, I have possessed two TP-Link CPE-510 antennas (outdoor access points). But, we have been unable to find anyone who would allow us to move our internet connection there. What we have been seeking is, to install one of the antennas (the other at our farm), to send / receive our internet signal so we can stay connected through our ISP. (That would have been the best option, due to the speed of the connection.) However, it seems to be off the table at the moment, due to most of the people wanting too much money, to rent a lousy 1 square meter of their land, or roof space, to us. (You should see how they react to two beehives. But, that is another story in itself.)

    Anyway, an option I am now considering, is a WiFi router that uses the cell towers, by way of an internal SIM card, in order to transmit / receive data. I found a router locally, for about $65 USD (no refund if it doesn't work). It is HUAWEI model number: E5573s-856 Here is what the WiFi (SIM) unit looks like, that I would be using.

    (Anyone here ever use such an animal, in the US, Canada, or elsewhere?) Also, as SEA never disappoints me, the shop offers no external antenna for this device. I did, however, locate some online, through eBay.

    The antenna connections are TS-9. So, I went a-lookin' for external antennas that would be compatible with this particular unit. I found three that should be okay, if I haven't lost my ability to understand compatibility of external antennas. But, it's been many years since I was an active ham and even thought about radios, amplifiers, antennas and such. (Dumb me let my license expire. I was a coded tech, a Kilo Bravo 4 call.) Anyway, here they are:
    1. Antenna (Directional) Option 1 - This one would be about $45 USD, shipped to me.
    2. Antenna (Directional) Option 2 - This one would be about $110 USD, shipped to me.
    1. Antenna (Omnidirectional) - This one would be just under $140 USD, shipped to me.
    A lady at the cell phone shop (different service from my ADSL internet provider), told me that, if we were closer to the highway, we could get 4g. But, being 5kms (as the crow flies) from there, we may only have 3g as an option. That's why I was looking at directional antennas, over the omnidirectional. But, to be honest, I would be happy with anything that is reliable. (Unfortunately, I have no way to test any of this, until I buy it. So, money probably down the drain if it doesn't work for us.

    So, any of you good folk, especially antenna gurus / amateur operators, have any input as to which antenna may be the best option for me? I am in serious need at this point, as it is the only thing that is stopping me from going to the farm full time. (I need internet at least for the next 7-8 months, to fulfill a contract obligation. Staying here will not be an option, and I don't want to move to another house / apartment, prior to going straight to the farm.)

    Thanks in advance, for any help you may provide.
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    Ok first thing.... The second Antenna choice is a TOTALLY Bogus BS Ad... 2X23dbi does NOT equal 46dbi... Someone does know S**T about how decibels work.... 2X23dbi equals 26dbi....
    Second.... I use a similar device to get my Cellphone Data onto my extensive local Network.... Mine is a ZV-91615021, and was made by ZTE... It is not in production anymore but is a 4G-LTE HotSpot and was sold by AT&T, which is my Cellular Provider...
    This unit, ALSO, does NOT have an External Antenna Connector, and my Cellsite is 15 Miles away at 2500' ASL on Hoonah Mnt., and the path is ALL over water... So , i bought a Wilson 4GLTE BiDirectional Booster Amp (12Vdc) and a 4GLTE High Gain Directional Antenna, and then used 30; of Beldon 9913 Low Loss Coax to connect the antenna to the Amp. The indoor antenna is a small Patch Antenna, that sits on the same shelf, as the HotSpot, my iPhone5s, and AlaskaChicks iPhone7... We get about 4 Bars (-87dbi) of RSL with this System, and "No Service" without it...
    Then on the WiFi output side, in use a TPLink WR843ND v1 Router (12Vdc) setup in Client Access Mode, to bring that Data to my Network...
    Works just fine during the winters, but in the summers, whenever a CruiseShip docks at the the Pt. Sophia CrusieShip Dock in Hoonah, and the 5000 Passengers disembark, the CellSite on Hoonah Mtn. take s a GIANT Dump, and from to many people trying access it at once... Touristoes.... Hate them to pieces...
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    What you can do is get a parabolic dish and hook it to your wifi antenna. With a clear line of sight those have increased reception substantially. I think the one I saw at DefCon successfully went 500 miles through the desert to a mobile transmitter. Theres nothing to block the signal so I assume Cambodia would need to be elevated. Good luck.

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    This Yahoo is a Total Dufus when it comes to Microwave Technology.... He has the right Idea, but totally missed the Specifics of finding the Focal Point of the Dish Antenna.... Using the Old FeedHorn Body was the correct Idea, HOWEVER. the Dish Antenna is designed so that the Focal Point is at about 2" behind the Plastic Cap... and it was also designed for 14Ghz, not 2.4Ghz that WiFi runs at... The WiFi Dongle's Antenna is parallel to the length of the Dongle and radiates Perpendicular to the Length of the Dongle... If this Yahoo knew ANYTHING about he was talking about, he would have designed the WiFI Dongle's Mount, so as to put the center of the the Dongle at the Focal Point, which again, is about 2 Inches, and centered, behind where the White Plastic Cap was located Originally, and Perpendicular to the Face of the White Plastic Cap.... Another thing this Dufus doesn't understand about this Dish Antenna, is.... This is an Offset Feed Antenna System.... The Feed Point is Below the Perpendicular Plane of the Dish Reflector, so the this makes the Antennas Aiming Point the same number of DEGREEs, ABOVE the Perpendicular Plane of the Dish Reflector as the Feed Point is Below... So as it is seen in the Video, the Aim Point is up into the Room's Ceiling, and NOT out the the glass Sliding Doors of his apartment....
    Typical of Folks that DO NOT understand the Technology that they use.... and comical, in the Extreme...
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    Asia-Off-Grid RIP 11-8-2018

    The last thing I want to do, is to use a USB dongle to secure my internet at the farm. Given a choice, I would much rather go with a SIM WiFi router, over a USB dongle.
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