Interview about the grid's vulnerability

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    Friend sent this and here is my reply. The link is a conversation/FOX report about the grid that is interesting.
    Reply: ............"was raised on a poor farm and we were not dependent on electricity for the first few years of my memory. We had one light bulb per room and maybe one outlet. No refrigerator /TV/Running water/and only an AM radio. We survived/lived comfortably, drew our water from a well, cooled our milk/etc in a spring, and cured our own meats. We canned, dried, and grew our own wheat/corn/etc. Today I have non electric tools to do every job I need to do. People call them antiques—I call them preps because electricity will be the first thing to go in ANY type of problem. It is controlled by computers, transmitted over fragile lines, and transformed at indefensible positions. Those who depend on it for life will be in a precarious position when it is no longer available. Problems do not have to come from us/or enemies but from massive solar flares. Has happened before or even a polar shift. IMO, one should be prepared for just such a problem. Remember: “a crisis is merely the absence of preparation”. Later my friend........."

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    Subject: everyone needs to see this FOX newscast

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    Never a more true statement!!!!
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    quoted for truth!

    Funny thing is I know a couple of local guys that "prep" by getting old "antique" hand tools. When i ask if they know how to use it or have ever used it the response is "I'll figure it out when I need to."
    yeah, if there's no internet how you gonna look up youtube videos to show you how to use it?
  4. then end is near get ready
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    Sounds like I need to start hounding my congressman.
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    Better to get yourself setup to be independent of the Grid, for at least 72 hours, AND Then bug your CongressCritter......
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