Invasive Species Alert

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    Invasive Species Alert
    Welcome to this special Fresh Afield blog post.

    Be warned of our state’s newest invasive species threat--.......!

    While ........ management is largely left to the police, military and health agencies, conservation plays a role in protecting Missouri's fish, forest and wildlife resources--and Missourians--from this invasive species.
    love a sense of humor
    Invasive Species Alert: ZOMBIES! | MDC
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    That is hilarious!
  3. Avarice

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    That's great. Wonderful that a .gov has a sense of humor.
  4. goinpostal

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    I figured You were gonna say"Illegal Aliens"!!
  5. Seawolf1090

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    "Note to Anglers

    If you snag a zombie, CUT THE LINE!"

    BWAHAHAHA!!!! Always good advice anywhere....... ;)

    And to think, down here in sunny Florida, all we have to worry about is the giant Pythons......
  6. The most invasive species I can think of is

    Politicous terrorcrattus.

    It specializes in destroying anything productive or free and entangles it in webs that make escape almost impossible and uses extensive force against anything it cannot dominate and entrap to be eaten at its leisure.
  7. cranky1

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    sounds like good advise to me !
  8. Redneck Rebel

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    Sounds like zombies and meth addicts are fairly similar.
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  9. Seawolf1090

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    At least the Zombies don't blow up homes and poison the environment.....
  10. goinpostal

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    Or set fire to,and destroy 4,000yo living cypress trees,to watch the pretty colors!!
  11. BTPost

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    That is very TRUE... I have never seen a Zombie chucking a Molotov or slipping a Satchel Charge of good Energetics, in any of the Zombie Movies. They mostly just line up, and advance until they get overloaded with Lead, or grab you for a Bite.... Some of the best Zombie Medicine, would seem to be Steel Balls from Claymores, at a distance of 10-20 ft..... ..... YMMV....
  12. Witch Doctor 01

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    I thought the topic was concerning the following invasive species the voteformeus democraticus...

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