Invoking the Bogey Man: next stop Syria

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Clyde, May 13, 2012.

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    Yeah, you're right. There is an "al-Qaieda presence" in half the countries of the world; whether that be an active terrorist cell, a lone malcontent, or just sympathizers.

    There wasn't a lot of meat in that announcement by Panneta concerning Syria either. "A presence" doesn't mean much, and should be expected in any country in that region.

    The known and suspected terrorist ties, safe-havens, and sympathies within Syria is one reason neither America nor anyone else has really jumped into the idea of "liberating" Syria.

    Most governments with interests in the Middle East are not anxious to see a truly democratic movement controlling things in Syria, because they don't know which direction it will take. They would rather have a difficult dictator in charge, than a government that exercises the "will of the people." The dictator can be manuevered in ways that a democratic country cannot.

    If things go awry in Syria, they could go awry very quickly and very badly. Syria is a lynchpin in the Levant section of the Middle East. It borders Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Lebanon. It is the geographic hub of the Levant. The country harbors anti-Israeli Palestinian factions, anti-Israel/US Lebanese factions, anti-Turkish Kurdish factions, anti-Iranian Kurdish factions, and former Saddam Loyalists. The US, and most governments, want a strong hand holding the stopper on that bottle. They really don't care how much blood that hand has on it.

    I can see the US being concerned about an Al-Qaieda presence in Syria, but hopefully, they know much more than was printed in this article.
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    We should focus on Syria now that the economy is accelerating towards collapse. Move along now, nothing to see here!

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    I'd wager that The greater metro Detroit area has more alqaeda supporters than Syria.
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    Its's the Caliphate Express with Obama as lead engineer. Syria, then Jordan, then Saudi Arabia. Small stops along the way in Yemen, Kuwait, UAE, and a few others. They will leave Turkey alone for now to not to alarm Europe, yet.
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    I guess that's what happens when you have a war on an ideal. You get to go where ever you want in the world.
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    Distraction, distractions, distractions. The beraucracts will do anything to distract the people with shiny objects to pull our attention away from the important issues of the day. Maybe another war in some useless part of the world will help the economy........ and Obummer!!
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