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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by survivalmonkey, May 11, 2010.

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    Had a guy try to sell a machine that makes ionized water( alkaline) using electrolysis. Seems like snake oil as the claims are it cures a lot of problems. The big red flag came out when he said it was only 4 grand. Anyone know anything about ionized water, is it better or just water?

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    I don't have one, but there is something to this whole business of ionized water. It's been a quite a while since I looked into it, but one of the things I remember is the alkaline pH helped the body absorb nutrients. Also, it helped with removal of free-radicals.

    One doctor I talked with mentioned that he hopes to look into it more because the concept and chemistry is good. I do have first-hand access to an elderly person that was bedridden with rheumatoid arthritis; she can now get up and do minor chores after using the ionized water after a few weeks. It does not work overnight.

    There are cheaper solutions than the $4K version. My wife and I wouldn't mind trying someone else's for a month, and - pending real results with personal ailments - would buy it if it worked. We're just not prepared to spend the money without guarantees.
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    ionized just means there are ions in it.

    Chlorinated water is ionized. i.e. tap water, hard water is ionized with calcium and other metal ions etc.

    I'll write more on it later, but snake oil comes to mind.
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    I smell a large pile of hokum. Water contains ions, even in its most pure state. For every positive ion, there WILL be a negative ion, there isn't any way to statically isolate the positives from the negatives. Having said that, I'm open to a proof if there is one. And THAT said, I'm not about to guzzle a cuppa either positives or negatives, I have too much respect for my gizzard lining.
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    I'm not selling the equipment but think there's something to it. I won't disregard something just because I don't understand it, but i'll need more testing to put out money.

    There's a difference between chlorinated water and ionized water - just the same as there's a difference between deteregent and ionized water.

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    Actually there is a way to de-ionize water (DI water) with chromatography and it is commonly used in most laboratories and drug manufacturers.

    And you can selectively remove specific ions but it gets expensive.

    Anion exchange resins remove negtively charged ions

    Cation exchange resins remove positively charged ions

    All chlorinated water IS ionized, not all ionized water is chlorinated.

    PURE water is not ionized and will not conduct electricity. It is the ions that allow the conduction of electricity. When you dissolve salt NaCl in water you ionize the water with Sodium ions Na+ and Chlorine Cl-.

    Acidic or basic(alkaline) solutions of water are ionized, if they were not ionized they wouldn't be acidic or basic. You ionize the acid say hydrochloric HCl to H and Cl or alkaline NaOH sodium hydroxide to Na and OH ions.

    Adding detergent to water adds the ions of the detergent to the water. So if you add it to DI water you now have ionized water. if the water was already ionized then you just have more ionized water.

    your stomach is acidified with pepsin a weak acid solution to help digest food. If you start drinking alkaline water you will work against this process.
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    Anyone eating the western diet will be rather acidic, and you really want your entire system to be slightly alkaline or at the very least neutral. Why? Among the many health benefits, there's a lot of evidence that cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. (A number of the alternative cancer cures - even the bizarre ones - have probably shown some real success merely because they are alkalizing. My guess would be that when there was success, those patients were doing a number of other alkalizing things as well.)

    So yes, it's healthy to drink alkaline water. Just don't drink it with dinner - that's all. (For optimum digestion you shouldn't drink within 20 or 30 minutes of eating anyway, let alone during a meal. Any liquid dilutes stomach acid...)

    Interestingly, lemon juice - which is acidic - is a precursor to the development of an alkaline state in the body. I squeeze fresh lemons (limes work too) into almost all of my drinking water. (This would be almost useless if you were on city water and not filtering the chlorine, fluoride and prescription drug residues out first. I'm on some pretty tasty well and spring water, and I filter that anyway just because my area has enjoyed over 60 years of mechanized agriculture with all the attendant chemicals.)

    I pay a lot of attention to natural health, and have a lot of friends who are in alternative medicine practices of one kind or another. The jury is out on these expensive water machines. I recall hearing that a few are OK but that other machines are not beneficial in the long term - I just don't remember why or the specifics about the different machines. I'll ask around and if I can figure out who told me that and I get a quick response, I'll post the info.

    Meanwhile, it's probably safer to invest your four grand in Greek bonds and buy fresh limes with the interest. (This way, if things don't work out the FED will probably get you a refund!) Eating more alkaline/fewer acidic foods wouldn't hurt either...

    Gotta go - this is making me thirsty!
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    If I say that I remember and actually understood the chemistry behind what that guy was saying do I have to surrender my man card??

    That's like all the math that I thought I would never see again after graduating from college that I now use on a weekly basis.
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