Iran's Pres (Ahmadinejad) on way out?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brotherpoop, Dec 22, 2006.

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    I was scanning radio channels and caught some Iranian newscast about Ahmadinejad appearing to be losing support with the Iranian people, that they doubt he will win a second Presidential term. I know a few weeks ago he was heckled by Iranian students somewhere in Iran.

    I tried googling but very little is being said. My question is why the media would not want to plaster this all over for the "Dems" to say "See we told you, Iran is open to rational talks. All is well be happy."

    What is the media up to by keeping the mad man in the light with his finger on a nuclear weapon. Ratings? Or is it something to be worked on later after the Dems take power? "See what the Dems have done...just vote a Dem president in and we will make the world a very safe place."

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    My best kindest thoughts for Peace go to the US Navy personnel that would die needless deaths should Iran be attacked by US or Israel. For Iran currently has a number of SS-N-22 Sunburns. Peace be upon us all.
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    I thought they didnt have Nuclear Weapons?Well learn something new everyday.
    If they are attacked, I would guess that the SS-N-22 Sunburns wouldnt even get off of the ground.
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    I was making fun of Iran saying they dont have Nuclear weapons, its all for peace time power yea right.
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    'You have it all wrong. We are a peaceful nation and only use the nuclear capability to toast our bread.'

    My only prayer is that when we go to war with them, it will be a war and not a political movement or police action. These politicians that get us into this BS called 'war' should be the first to form the front line. They manage to tease the dogs so they will fight, then they put leashes on them. How is that a way to win anything? The only thing that is going to accomplish is to get lots of us killed all because they were doing some political jockeying.

    Fraggin' politicians. Either we kick butt as we should or we should not step one foot on that soil.
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    We will all be better off when that evil midget is carried out feet first. Sure would be nice if someone could figure how to get close enough to paint him and have him on the receiving end of a JDAM.
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