Irene - A message from God?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tulianr, Aug 30, 2011.

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    Any of you monkeys that were inconvenienced by Irene can take comfort in the fact that you weren't the intended target; just collateral damage. God was really aiming for DC.

    On Sunday, GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says Hurricane Irene and last week's earthquake are messages from God to warn politicians to start heeding divine guidance.

    "I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians," the third-term congresswoman from Minnesota said. "We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane. He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here?'"

    It's always interesting trying to decide what forum category to place Bachmann's comments in - Politics, Religion, Humor. In this case, after the public uproar over her comments, she now says she was only joking, so I guess we could move this to humor. That gal is amazing; a sterling intellect, and a great sense of humor too. Could you ask for more?

    Since she apparently has an inside line to God, him explaining his plans for humankind and all, perhaps she could pass him a message - "Sight alignment, sight picture." It cuts down on the collateral damage.

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    Appreciate your satire-lol. Always tickles me to hear folks say this is a message or that is a message. It may be but God is fully capable of making His warnings quite clear. He always had His prophets in the Old Testament to announce what was happening---and why. You and I both know that DC and company need a "message" but when God "speaks" there will be no doubting where it is coming from. I do think there are thousands of pastors/etc. who are warning us of coming times and are "in communication" with God enough to see through spiritual eyes what is to transpire and soon. Have yet to meet a politician who qualifies (imo) for the status of prophet. I put my hand on Sue Myricks shoulder at a rally recently and told her how proud I was of her but then she voted for extending the debt ceiling. Will not be congratulating her next time but expressing my deep disapointment.
    Back to the thread: One can easily see that the US has slid greatly from it's prominent role in world leadership and respect, economic stability, and moral standings in the last say fifty years. No longer is "made in usa" the most sought after goods(what do we make?), hardly any country calls us friend anymore, our "greenbacks" are on the verge of being shunned by many countries, and the world judges us by the hollywierd characters they see paraded across the TVs and in person. We have millions infected with AIDS, STDs are pandemic(no one mentions them anymore), teen age pregnancy/suicides, and one parent families-some due to 50% divorce rate/some to just random inseminations. So we can ask ourselves--are we better off or is God pleased with us. Has He already taken his hand of blessings/protections from our shores? We lost 60K of our young folks in VN plus 300K wounded, and have been involved in wars nearly every year since. Do we even remember what peace is? Two generations have grown up knowing the pain of losing loved ones or seeing them go off to war. Has God sent us a message--are we seeing it now? Will we turn back the pages and turn back to Him or are we past the point just a ancient Israel was. Will we be led off as captives in chains or slaughtered? Will we fragment into waring groups and lose our national identity? "If we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it" Maybe the next "warnings" will not be so subtle.
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  3. Seawolf1090

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    God is 'old school'..... "Bracket target and fire for effect!"
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  4. tacmotusn

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    Tongue in cheek, I would hope! "old school", and a knowledge of history is necessary so as to not make the same mistakes over and over. Thus endith the sermon.[beat]
  5. Opinionated

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    I'd worry a lot less about a conceptual God and a lot more about a very real and tangible Mother Nature. She is certainly seems to be sending a message: "Too many humans!!"

    . . whoh. Perspectives. They can be a real . . . bummer, huh?
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  6. wags_01

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    Michelle Bachmann's God is kind of a dick.
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    This goes back to the discussion a couple of weeks ago about "one-shot, one-kill" verses "full auto." God needs to ease up on that trigger. A well aimed cat 5 tornado could have relieved us of DC, without drenching the entire east coast. This collective punishment thing is a drag.[whipem]
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    I'm not a big fan of politicians/figures who invoke "God doesn't like it when you XYZ and will punish you" and that happens to be the same agenda they're pushing. Not that my opinion counts for squat......but, I sure think she's a vote panderer now.

    If God were omniscient and omnipotent, hurricanes and earthquakes would be too vague for self-centered humans. Giving the Founders the wisdom to put in 1) term limits (2) English as the national language (3) Christianity as the National Religion (regardless of flavor) (4) foresight to see that immigration at some point has to be limited and borders protected and (5) more precise verbiage on the 2nd Amendment would've solved a lot of our problems of this day.
  9. wags_01

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    I'll take our 'problems' over a theocracy, thanks.
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  10. CATO

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    Where did I mention "theocracy?" Have you looked a penny lately? Have you read the Declaration of Independence...or any other founding documents? It's all steeped in Christianity, and when they refer to "God" or "Creator," they're not talking about Allah.

    My point with that statement was to clarify that this country and its laws were founded on Christian values and that you can still have separation of church and state while having a creche or 'Christ'mas Tree without turning the reigns over to the Bible thumpers. To spit on Christian values just to make sure that you don't offend immigrants here who have differing religions was the top of the rollercoaster for the ride we're taking now.

    You don't have to be Christian...I'm not, but you should respect the value system of the place in which you live. There will come a time that perhaps Muslims outnumber Christians in certain places and institute their own laws contrary to the Constitution...maybe one of the laws would be if you're not Muslim, maybe you should find another place to live...or worse.

    Thank goodness the tsunami of illegal immigrants in this country happen to be papists and have children like rabbits. 50 - 60 years from now...the fight will be between hispanics and muslims because Caucasians are too self-involved to have kids anymore and half of them are dems, so, they abort them anyway. Pro-choice...right. We'll see how far that goes when Muslims get a foothold in govt.
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  11. wags_01

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    The logical conclusion of adopting a national religion is a theocracy.

    1. The pennies first struck in 1793 made no mention of God.
    2. 'In God We Trust' was not added to coins until 1864, and paper currency in 1957. It was not adopted as the US motto until 1956.
    3. The terms 'God' and 'Creator' is simply the term used in the Western Judeo-Christian historical tradition to refer to a supreme being. They are not specific to the Christian version of God. You'd think that if they were talking solely about the 'Christian' God, they might have mentioned, you know, Christ.

    Where in the founding documents did you find that, exactly? Many of the founders were, in fact, not Christian, but Deists. The US legal system established by the founders was largely based on British Common Law as it stood at the time of the Revolution. Much of the inspiration & ideas for the founding came right out of Enlightenment-Era Europe.

    We have that now...

    What are you talking about exactly? Failing to establish Christianity as a national religion is 'spitting on Christian values'?

    Glad we've cleared that up.

    And how exactly will establishing a national religion accomplish that? It would be either a symbolic gesture, and therefore largely meaningless, or it will eventually be enforced by laws; by fines or force. Neither accomplishes what you seem to want.

    Current statistics show that Muslims make up anywhere between 0.6% and 2.2% of the population. Most have grown up and lived in the US their whole lives. It would take an enormous population explosion to bring them up to anything close to a majority, and then they'd have to be willing to destroy the very country in which they have prospered. On top of that, they'd have to battle the entire legal and legislative system to 'institute laws contrary to the Constitution' to craft laws that wouldn't be overturned in a second.

    So, the vast majority of immigrants to this country, according to you, are hispanic Catholics, yet you're worried about Muslims taking over our government? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
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  12. BTPost

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    When ever I see people saying some Natural Disaster, is a "Message" from their GOD, i have to chuckle myself, just a bit.... If GOD choose to "Send A Message" to mankind, if one believes in the Bible, he does so, thru a Prophet, and it is well publicized to the local Population, and it is usually very specific, in nature. The one exception was Noah and the Flood, but that GOD promised he would NOT do THAT, Again. One has to think about Elijah and the Priests of Baal. Now that was a "Message"..... I haven't seen any Prophets, walking around lately. OH there are lots of folks who "Claim" they are Prophets, but you can recognize a REAL Prophet, by the FACT that his Prophesies actually happen, and the Prophesies are know BEFORE the Actual Event, NOT AFTER. Not many of those kind, walking around. So, for "Me" all this talk of "Messages from God" is, well just so much HOT Air.... Oh wait, isn't that what a Hurricanes is..... My Opinion... YMM Certainly V.....
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  13. Seawolf1090

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    Well, if DC gets a double whammy of Hellfire&brimstone, and a swarm of locusts...... THEN I hope the politicos will sit up and take notice! [beat]

    Til then, it's "business as usual.... rape the People!"
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  14. Pax Mentis

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    If my aim was that bad, I'd get in a lot of range time...

    Just sayin'
  15. Seawolf1090

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    If the Good Lord finally gets around to 'punishing' mankind again, it'll be a heck of a lot more than a paltry Cat2 or Cat3 hurricane. Anyways there is an old song that speaks of, "won't be water, but fire next time!"
    God tends to work at a much larger scale.......
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